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Modern Title marriage contract
Summary Marriage contract between Petosiris, son of Patseous and his mother Tachnumis, and Sennesis, daughter of Petepnebtous and her mother Telaias. The text contains agreements concerning the dowry, a detailed list of the property which she will bring with her, agreements for inheritance and divorce. With autographic witness signatures.


1ḥsb.t 8 ı͗bd 1 ꜣḫ.t n pr-ꜥꜣ Ptlwmys sꜣ Ptlwmys ı͗rm ꜣrsnꜣ nꜣ nṯr.w mr-it.ṱ=w ı͗w Qnn sꜣ Ptlwmys n wꜥb n ꜣlgsntrws ı͗rm nꜣ nṯr.w-nty-nḥm nꜣ nṯr.w-sn.w nꜣ nṯr.w-mnḫ.w nꜣ nṯr.w-mr-it.ṱ=w ı͗rm pr-ꜥꜣ Ptlwmys pꜣ nṯr-nty-pr ı͗w Nsyꜣs ta ꜣpls (n) fy(.t)-qn-nꜣš Brnjgꜣ tꜣ mnḫ.t
2ı͗w Thmystꜣ ta ꜣgstrtws (n) fy(.t)-tn-nb m-bꜣḥ ꜣrsnꜣ tꜣ mr.t-sn ı͗w s:ḥm.t Hyrnꜣ ta Ptlwmys n wꜥb(.t)- ꜣrsnꜣ tꜣ mr-it.ṱ ı͗w Glytmqws sꜣ Tygrqws n wꜥb n pꜣ tš N.t n Ptlwmys nty nḥm ı͗rm pr-ꜥꜣ Ptlwmys pꜣ nṯr-nty-pr ḏd rmṯ ꜥfnṱ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Wsı͗r sꜣ Pa-tꜣ-s.t-ꜥꜣ.t mw.t=f Ta-H̱nm n s:ḥm.t Tꜣ-šr.t-n-ꜣs.t
3ta Pꜣ-ḏı͗-pꜣ-nb-tꜣ.wı͗ mw.t=s Ta-mr-ı͗ḥ ı͗r=y ḏı͗=ṯ n ḥm.t ḏı͗=y n=ṯ ḥḏ (dbn) 3 r sttr 15 r ḥḏ (dbn) 3 ꜥn n pꜣy=ṯ šp n s:ḥm.t nꜣ ẖrd.ṱ.w nty-ı͗.ı͗r=ṯ (r) ms.ṱ=w n=y ı͗rm Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Ḥr-wr pꜣy=(y) šr ꜥꜣ ḥnꜥ s:ḥm.t Tꜣy-wı͗ tꜣy=f sn.t nꜣy=(y) ẖrd.ṱ.wṯ n=y nꜣ nb.w (n) nty-nb nkt nb nty mtw=y ḥnꜥ nꜣ nty-ı͗w=y r ḏı͗.t ḫpr=w ḥnꜥ ꜣṱj.w n ı͗t.ṱ mw.t n sḫ.t ḥ.t-nṯr pꜣ dmy ı͗w=y ḫꜣꜥ=ṯ n ḥm.t mtw=y ḫn
4k.t s:ḥm.t r.ḥr=ṯ ı͗w=y (r) ḏı͗.t n=ṯ ḥḏ (dbn) 5 r sttr 25 r ḥḏ (dbn) 5 ꜥn pꜣ-bnr-n pꜣ ḥḏ (dbn) 3 nty-ḥry r.ḏı͗=y n=ṯ n pꜣy=ṯ šp-n-s:ḥm.t r-mḥ ḥḏ (dbn) 8 r sttr 40 r ḥḏ (dbn) 8 ꜥn twy-s pꜣ wn n nꜣ nkt.w n s:ḥm.tṯ r pꜣy=(y) ꜥ.wy ı͗rm=ṯ qll ḥḏ(?)1Reading proposal: J. Moje 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 3 rn pꜣy=ṯ šp n s:ḥm.t nty-ḥry ꜥ.wy-wḫꜣ (n) nb 2 r nb ⸢ḏnf⸣ qd.t 5 ¼ gswr 1 r nb ḏnf qd.t 2 ¼ ꜥ.wy glṱ-pnꜥ 1 r nb
5ḏnf qd.t 2 ?? 1.t r nb ḏnf qd.t ½ r nb ḏnf 1 r sttr(.t) 5.t r nb ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 1 ꜥn ı͗n-nw 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 30 ḥbs 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 20 šbyṱ 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 5 gnrṱ(.t) štj 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 10 hre-shre 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 2 qd.t 8 1.t r ḥḏ (dbn) 10 ḏr.t 1.t r ḥḏ (dbn) 1 ky r ḥḏ (dbn) 1 mḏge 1 r ḥḏ (dbn) 2 ḏr.t 1.t r ḥḏ 1 ꜣ⸢ys⸣ꜣblle 1 nty sẖ r nb ḏnf qd.t 1½ ḥḏ-sp-2 1 r sttr(.t) 5.t r ḥḏ (dbn) 1 ꜥn
6ḥmt ı͗w=f ı͗r.ṱ n wp.t qnḏ(.t) ꜥꜣ.t 1.t r ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 10 qnḏ(.t) ḫm.t r ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 2 ꜥnḫ mn-ḥr r ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 10 ꜥš 1 r ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 30 bs 1 r ḏnf ḥḏ (dbn) 1 qd.t 5 r-mḥ? swn nꜣ nkt.w nty-ḥry nb (r) ḏnf 1 qd.t 1 ½ r sttr(.t) 5.t ½ ¼ r nb ḏnf (dbn) 1 qd.t 1 ½ ꜥn ḥḏ (dbn) 1 ḥmt (dbn) 86 qd.t 8 r-mḥ ḥḏ-sp-2 ḥmt 87 qd.t 8 r sttr 439 r ḥḏ (dbn) 87 qd.t 8 ꜥn ḥmt ı͗w=f ı͗r.ṱ n wp.t ḏnf 53 qd.t 5
7r-mḥ? nꜣ nkt.w n s:ḥm.t r:ı͗n=ṯ n= r pꜣy=(y) ꜥ.wy ı͗rm=ṯ šsp=y s(t) n-ḏr.t=ṯ ı͗w=w mḥ ı͗wṱ sp nb ḥꜣt.ṱ=y mtr.w n.ı͗m=w ı͗.ı͗r=ṯ šm n=ṯ ı͗w=y (r) ḏı͗.t s(t) n=ṯ ı͗w=y ḫꜣꜥ=ṯ n ḥm.t ı͗w=y r ḏı͗.t s(t) n=ṯ ꜥn n ḥtr ı͗wṱ mn mtw=ṯ pꜣ ⅓ (n) nty-nb nkt nb nty-ı͗w=w r ḫpr ı͗wṱ=y ı͗rm=ṯ (n-)ṯꜣy pꜣ hrw r-ḥry pꜣ rmṯ nb (n) pꜣ tꜣ nty-ı͗w=f r ḥwj.ṱ=ṯ NOTE r-bnr n pꜣy=(y) ꜥ.wy mtw=f lg pꜣy=(y) nkt
8ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=ṯ ı͗w=f (r) ı͗r n=ṯ pꜣ ḥp n pꜣ sẖ-n-ḥm.t nty-ḥry r.ı͗r=y n=ṯ n ḥtr ı͗wṱ mn ı͗wṱ sṱ nb ı͗.ı͗r wꜣḥ r pꜣy=ṯ nkt-(n-)s:ḥm.t ḏpe 1 r ḥmt ḏnf 5
9sẖ Pꜣ-ḏi-ꜣs.t sꜣ Pa-tꜣ-s.t-ꜥꜣ.t tp=f ı͗w=y (r) ı͗r r-ẖe md(.t) nb(.t) nty-ḥry n-ḏr.t Ns-pꜣ-mtr sꜣ Ns-Ḥr nty ı͗r sẖ n Yb Swn

1 Reading proposal: J. Moje
vso 1Τεννησι
vso 2-17/list of 16 witnesses, very heavily faded/


18th regnal year, Thoth, of Pharaoh Ptolemaios (V.), son of Ptolemaios (IV.) and Arsinoë (III.), the gods Philopatores, when Konon, son of Ptolemaios, was wab priest of Alexander and the gods Soteres, the gods Adelphoi, the gods Euergetai, the gods Philopatores and the Pharaoh Ptolemaios (V.) Epiphanes, when Nesias, daughter of Apelles, was athlophore of Berenike Euergetis,
2[when T]hemisto, daughter of Hegesistratos, was kanephore before Arsinoë Philadelpha, when the lady Eirene, daughter of Ptolemaios, was wab priestess of Arsinoë Philopator, when Kleitomachos, son of Dikaiarchos, was wab priest in the nome of Thebes of Ptolemaios (I.) Soter and Pharaoh Ptolemaios (V.) Epiphanes. Thus has spoken the man of Aphonte, Petosiris, son of Patseous and his mother Tachnoumis, to the lady Senesis,
3daughter [of Petepnebtous] and her mother Telaias: I have made you a wife. I have given to you 3 deben, yields 15 stater, yields 3 deben again, as your dowry. The children, whom you will bear to [me], and Peteharoeris, (my) eldest son, and the lady Tayoui NOTE, his sister, (my) children whom you bore to me, are the owners of all things and everybody which belong to me, together with that which I will acquire (henceforth), together with the goods of father and mother in field, temple (and) the city. If I leave you as wife and
4if I prefer [another] woman to you, I shall give you 5 deben, yields 25 staters, yields 5 deben again, additionally to 3 deben mentioned above, which I have given to you as your dowry, in total 8 deben, yields 40 staters, yields 8 deben again. This is the inventory of the woman’s possessions, which you brought with you into (my) house: 1 silver(?) necklace: Yields 3 deben, in the name of your dowry mentioned above. 2 pairs of golden ..?..: yields an amount of gold by estimate: 5¼ kite. 1 pair of gswr-rings, yields an amount of gold by estimate: 2¼ kite. 1 pair of glṱ-pnꜥ-rings, yields an amount of gold
5[by estimate:] 2 [kite]. 1 ..?..: Yields an amount of gold by estimate: ½ kite. Yields (total) gold by estimate: 1 deben, yields 5 stater, yields gold by estimate as 1 deben again. 1 wool garment: Yields 30 deben. 1 dress: Yields 20 deben. 1 shawl(?): yields 5 (deben). 1 generty-shety garment: Yields 10 deben. 1 her-sehre: Yields 2 deben and 8 kite. 1 ..?..: yields 10 deben. 1 ladle(?):1 deben. Another (ladle): 1 deben. 1 medjeg jug: deben. 1 ladle(?): 1 deben. 1 aysabelle (piece of jewelry?), which is inscribed (painted?) ..?..: Yields an amount of gold by estimate: 1½ kite. Money in cash NOTE: 1 (deben), yields 5 staters, yields 1 deben again.
6 Worked [copper]: 1 large vessel: Yields by estimate 10 deben. 1 small vessel: Yields by estimate 2 deben. 1 mirror: Yields by estimate 10 deben. 1 brazier: Yields by estimate 30 deben. 1 bs vessel: Yields by estimate 1 deben and 5 kite. Total value of the above mentioned things: Gold by estimate: Yields 1 deben and 1½ kite, yields 5½¼ staters, yields gold by estimate: 1 (deben) and 1½ kite again. Money in cash: 1 (deben); copper: 86 (deben) and 8 kite. Total of money in cash and copper: 87 (deben) and 8 kite, yields 439 staters, yields 87 deben and 8 kite again. Worked copper: by estimate 53 (deben) and 5 kite.
7[This is the total of the] dowry which you brought with you into my house. I have received them from your hand, they are complete without any remainder. My heart is satisfied with them. If you will leave, I shall give them to you. If I will leave you as wife, I shall also give them to you, with necessity and without delay. Yours are the third of everything, and each thing which shall be between you and I from today henceforth Any man in the world who shall throw you out of my house and remove
8my possessions from your presence, he will fulfill to you the right (scil. the regulations) of this document-of-wife mentioned above, which I issued to you, with necessity and without delay or objection. Add to your dowry: 1 bowl, yields copper by estimate: 5 (deben).
9Countersigned by Petosiris, son of Patseous, himself NOTE : ‘I will act in accordance with everything written above.’ Issued by Espmetis, son of Esyris, who is scribe in Elephantine and Syene.
vso 1For Tennesis.
vso 2-17[list of 16 witnesses, very heavily faded]
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