Pap. Berlin P. 13562   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Oracular inquery concerning the temple on Elephantine
Summary (Draft of a?) Letter of Osoroeris, son of Espmetis, to Eschnompmetis, son of Chnoummachis. Inquery of obtaining an oracle concerning the fate of the temple on Elephantine and a second one regarding his intended travel. Additionally he deals with the delivery of things lacking on the island, including grain.


1 ḫrw Wsı͗r-wr
2sꜣ Ns-pꜣ-mtr
3m-bꜣḥ wṯs-Rꜥ
5(sꜣ) H̱nm-m-ꜣḫ.t
6pꜣ sẖ mḏꜣ.t-nṯr
7sḏm=n hyn
8md.wt (r-)dbꜣ Nꜣ-nfr-
9-ı͗b-Rꜥ bw-ı͗r=n
10(n) Ns-Ḥr-wḏꜣ nḥṱ
11my šn=w pꜣ wḏꜣ
12ḥ.t-nṯr Yb
13ı͗rm pꜣ sp md(.t)
14mtw=ṯn hb n=y n.ı͗m=w
15nꜣ nkt.w r.ḏd=y s
16ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=ṯn (r-)dbꜣ.ṱ=w
17ḏı͗=y s (r-)ḏr.t Pa-Sny
18r ı͗n=w n=ṯn ı͗w=f ḫpr
19r šw ḏı͗.t pꜣ mr-šn
20r ṯꜣy=w (r-)dbꜣ ı͗t
21my ḏı͗=w s n=f ı͗w=f ḫpr
22r šw ḏı͗.t r ṯꜣy
23pꜣ mr-ꜣḥ my ḏı͗ =w s n=f
24ḏı͗=y mtr.w
25r ı͗r=ṯn (n) pꜣ nty ı͗w=ṯn
26r ı͗r=f nb nꜣ hrq.w
27nty ı͗w-ı͗r=ṯn ṯꜣy=w n=ṯn
28n.ı͗m=w my ḏı͗
vso 1tn 1 hrqe 1
vso 2r-ḏr.t Pa-sny ı͗w=f
vso 3ḫpr r gm=f rmṯ
vso 4r šsp=f h(b) n=n
vso 5ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w bn-pw=f
vso 6wḫꜣ ḥrḥ
vso 7r.r=f ı͗.ı͗r-n=k
vso 8bn ı͗w rmṯ nḥṱ
vso 9ı͗rm Ns-Ḥr-wḏꜣ {nꜣ.w} ı͗n
vso 10m-ı͗r ḫꜣꜥ ḥꜣ.ṱ=ṯn
vso 11r.r=f mn ı͗t bd(.t)
vso 12dy wbꜣ pꜣ fy
vso 13bn-ı͗w Ns-Ḥr-pꜣ-wḏꜣ nꜣ.w ı͗n
vso 14pꜣ ı͗.ı͗r-ḏı͗.t nꜣ ḥmt
vso 15ı͗n ꜥn ı͗.ı͗r ky hrw
vso 16ḫpr ı͗w=w ı͗p=w
vso 17ı͗rm=n (n-)wꜥ sp
vso 18my šn=w pꜣy(=y) wḏꜣ
vso 19ı͗w=y ḫpr dy (n) Yb
vso 20ı͗.ı͗r=s pḥ ı͗y r ḥry
vso 21ı͗w=y (r) ı͗y ꜥn n-ḏr.t
vso 22sw 29


1Voice of Osoroeris,
2son of Espmetis,
3before the carrier-of-Ra
5son of Chnoummachis,
6scribe of the divine book.
7We have heard something
8about Nepher-
9pres. We do not
10trust Es-Haryotes.
11One may ask about the well-being
12of the temple of Elephantine
13and about the further items.
14And you may send to me concerning them.
15The matters about which I have spoken
16to you,
17I have handed them over to Pasenis
18in order to bring them to you. If it suits
19to cause the lesonis
20to take them for barley,
21they may be given to him! If it suits
22to cause
23the chief-of-field to take them, they may be given to him !
24I have agreed with everything
25that you
26shall do. The rings
27which you will take for you:
vso 1each of you give a ring
vso 2into the hand of Pasenis! If
vso 3it happens that he has found a man 1Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 53.,
vso 4to receive it (scil. the ring?), send to us!
vso 5If he has not
vso 6requested (him), then keep
vso 7it with you!
vso 8No man believes
vso 9in Es-Haryotes.
vso 10Do not rely
vso 11on him! There is no barley (and no) emmer
vso 12here for the offering supply.
vso 13Es-Haryotes is not
vso 14the one who gave the copper money.
vso 15On another day
vso 16it shall be counted
vso 17with us altogether.
vso 18One may ask about (my) well-being 2Reading variant Zauzich, P. Berl. Eleph. 2 (1993): „Möge man (das Orakel) befragen nach meinem Heil“.
vso 19while I am staying here (in) Elephantine! 3Reading variant Zauzich, P. Berl. Eleph. 2 (1993): „ob ich hier auf Elephantine bleiben soll.“
vso 20If it is appropriate to come up,
vso 21I will come again. Written
vso 22at the 29th day.

1 Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 53.
2 Reading variant Zauzich, P. Berl. Eleph. 2 (1993): „Möge man (das Orakel) befragen nach meinem Heil“.
3 Reading variant Zauzich, P. Berl. Eleph. 2 (1993): „ob ich hier auf Elephantine bleiben soll.“