Pap. Berlin P. 23040, a-c   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Lamentation
Summary This object contains a private copy of a lamentation about the destruction of the main temple and an invocation to a god to take revenge on the destroyers.


Col. x+1
Col. x+2, 1ksm=k
Col. x+2, 2ꜥwꜣy
Col. x+2, 3smꜣ [n?=]k
Col. x+2, 4smꜣy
Col. x+2, 5jwꜥꜥ=k
Col. x+2, 6tꜣ
Col. x+2, 7sꜥrq
Col. x+2, 8
Col. x+2, 9sꜣsꜣ
Col. x+2, 10ḥn
Col. x+2, 11mꜣs=k
Col. x+2, 12jw ḏd
Col. x+2, 13wḥꜣ=k pn
Col. x+2, 14wnjry
Col. x+2, 15ḥꜥḏꜣnn wn m njw.wt=k
Col. x+2, 16ḫpr m .t=k m jsḥꜣq
Col. x+2, 17 tꜣ šps =tw nṯr.w=s wn j
Col. x+2, 18ḫmj=w pw=k ḫnd=w mr
Col. x+2, 19m wr tꜣ jm=f mꜣs
Col. x+2, 20 wr šsp nḫ.t n Jtm
Col. x+2, 21sw m sb n tꜣ
Col. x+2, 22sbḫt y ꜥꜣ.t m jwnn.t=k
Col. x+2, 23nmtjt nmtj=k r=s
Col. x+3
Col. x+4, 1hꜣy.t=k wr.t ḥꜣy=sn
Col. x+4, 2jqḥ=sn
Col. x+4, 3r wry.t
Col. x+4, 4nhmy.w
Col. x+4, 5jmj-jr.t
Col. x+4, 6hꜣy.w
Col. x+4, 7nb.t-sbj.t(?)
Col. x+4, 8r nb.w wdd
Col. x+4, 9ꜥ.tb
Col. x+4, 10jḥ
Col. x+4, 11w
Col. x+4, 12ḫꜣ=k
Col. x+4, 13ḥw.t
head_I_1a wr šfy.t w wꜥty m ḥw.t-bꜣ
head_I_2aḥy m ḥw.t-bj.t=w dr.t ḥr mqr.t n pr-bꜣ-tꜣ(?)
head_II_1ašnšn.w ẖdj jmj
head_II_2aḥw.t H̱nmw qꜣ
Col. x+5, 1 gꜣp
Col. x+5, 2
Col. x+5, x+1wy
Col. x+5, x+2y.t=s
Col. x+5, x+3bẖ m snf=s
Col. x+5, x+4 wrḏ(?) ḥsb=f snbꜣw
Col. x+5, x+5=s wšr m ꜥnḫ.w
Col. x+5, x+6.w nn wš jm=f
Col. x+5, x+7.w r s.t jḫꜣ.w
Col. x+5, =s snš(?) mrḥw m sḏꜣ.wt
Col. x+5, x+9=s m njkrḫ sꜣ.w
Col. x+5, x+10[mn]ḫ.t(?) wr wn m nṯrj.t qnd m ḥr šrjw
Col. x+5, x+11 n.t ḥm.t m-sꜣ pr n nb.t1The following word is written beneath this line and above the next line-md.wt
Col. x+5, x+12m.w
Col. x+6, 1[ms]ḏ.w m rmny.w
Col. x+6, 2dnj.t=s ḏfꜣw
Col. x+6, 3r.w=s mrḥw bꜥ.wj šꜣw
Col. x+6, 4smꜣ ḥr=sn nn jr=sn
Col. x+6, 5jw=s <ḥr> jtn ḫf.t.j.w
Col. x+6, 6.w nb ḥr r
Col. x+6, 7[b]w.t nb r ḥw.t-nṯr
Col. x+6, 8[=s]n
Col. x+6, 9 r sḥtp=s ḥr
Col. x+6, 10 ḥr jry ḏd jb=sn
Col. x+6, 11 m štꜣ jw/r wbꜣ
Col. x+6, 12 m p.t
Col. x+6, 13w jw=s ḥtp Šmꜥw
Col. x+6, 14gs.w pr.w wr.w m ḏ.t šrj.w
Col. x+6, 15nn sḥ jmj.w jꜣ.wt=sn
Col. x+6, 16nn wn rḫ=sn jw sḥrjw bw.t
Col. x+6, 17ḥw.t sꜣ sš.w bd m ḥr n ḫmj
Col. x+6, 18bꜣwy.w rꜥ sš.w m-ꜥ nḫn.w
Col. x+6, 19ꜥqy m sḥ.t jry=f ḫbꜣ
Col. x+6, 20jj sꜣbw m ḏd.w
Col. x+6, 21[nḏ]m(?)=k m jb.w
Col. x+6, 22pw wšd tw
Col. x+6, 23 snj jḫw.w
Col. x+6, 24 m ḫpdy jb.w
Col. x+7, 1ꜥq
Col. x+7, 2ḥms
Col. x+7, 3sḏm=s(?)
Col. x+7, 4wp.t
Col. x+7, 5wr.w
Col. x+7, 6šrjw
Col. x+8, 1[=s]n(?) šrp(?) n ꜣḫ.t=f r-ꜥ m fqꜣw.w n jnb
Col. x+8, 2 gs-pḫꜣwn smd.w=f rḏ jw/r msw[.w]
Col. x+8, 3gnn.t m snf wꜣḏy.t=f
Col. x+8, 4 ḫ m njw.t=f
Col. x+8, 5 hꜣjw.w=f m šꜣyr=f
Col. x+8, 6 ḥp.w sḥr m nd
Col. x+8, 7jr=f sšꜣ.tw pꜣ
Col. x+8, 8jnby.w
Col. x+8, 9pḥꜣ
Col. x+8, 10 r m
Col. x+8, m ꜥfj
Col. x+8, 12.w jm ntt=sn jm
Col. x+8, 13s=sn bw.t=f jm
Col. x+8, 14ꜣw=sn ḫ.t m ḥtm.t=f m(?)
Col. x+8, 15=sn mꜣhꜣdj.t=f
Col. x+8, 16.t=f m sꜣ pr thꜣw
Col. x+8, 17ḥꜥḏꜣw=sn jm
Col. x+8, 18 jb(-bw.t) n nṯr jm
Col. x+8, 19 nn sꜣ=sn jr=k(?)
Col. x+8, 20 m sš(?)
Col. x+8, 21 jwjw(?) jm(?)
Col. x+8, 22rwḥꜣ m
Col. x+8, 23
Col. x+8, 24ntj(?) n(?) nb(?)
Col. x+8, 25ꜣy m ꜣw
Col. x+8, wn=k
Col. x+9[ꜥḥꜣ]w.tjw(?)=sn
Col. x+10, 1 ḏbꜥ=k r=sn ṯsbꜣ=k
Col. x+10, 2ḥrs(?) gꜣbꜣ
Col. x+10, 3rqy=k jm
Col. x+10, 4 wsf ḥ
Col. x+10, 5 m ḫpr.w nb
Col. x+10, 6 m(?) .w m s.w
Col. x+10, 7jw=n ntj m jb
Col. x+10, 8.w pw swrswtj
Col. x+10, 9=f šfy=k ḥꜣ tp jb=sn
Col. x+10, 10 nb r=sn m wn rmn.wj=sn ḥr=k
Col. x+10, 11[nd]b=k mn(?) ḏꜣr=sn
Col. x+10, 12=k n=sn m tꜣḥw m ẖ.t=sn
Col. x+10, 13m stj.w m ḥꜣ.t jb=sn
Col. x+10, 14qꜣjs=k jwn.t=k ḫfꜥ=k šsr=k
Col. x+10, 15wdj=k r sꜥrq jm=sn
Col. x+10, 16p=k st m mꜣs=k y
Col. x+10, 17 mtnj.t
Col. x+10, 18jnjn.t=k ḥ[nꜥ=s(?)]n
Col. x+10, 19 py.w
Col. x+10, 20ḏ{d}ft.w
Col. x+10, 21.w
Col. x+11, 1=k
Col. x+11, 2=k dmꜣ
Col. x+11, 3sꜣsꜣ=k
Col. x+11, 4nbḥw=k nb.t
Col. x+11, 5qfꜣ=k kfkf
Col. x+11, 6mrḥw=k mry
Col. x+11, 7mꜣs=k mḥr(?)
Col. x+11, 8jbnt=k ꜣb
Col. x+11, 9rdḥw=k rr.w
Col. x+11, 10ẖry=k ḫrḫrj
Col. x+11, 11wḥꜣ=k wḥꜣ
Col. x+11, 12sjꜣr=k s
Col. x+11, 13ꜥrq dm.t=k ꜥq
Col. x+12, 1 ꜣws=k sn
Col. x+12, 2 qs=k sn
Col. x+12, 3=k sn
Col. x+12, 4=k sn
Col. x+12, 5=k sn
Col. x+12, 6=k sn
Col. x+12, 7=k sḥb n=sn
Col. x+12, 8b n=sn
Col. x+12, 9 šsph
Col. x+12, 10=k
Col. x+12, 11=k
Col. x+12, 12[=s]n
Col. x+12, 13=sn
Col. x+12, 14[=s]n
Col. x+12, 15[=s]n
Col. x+12, 16
Col. x+12, 17
Col. x+12, 18
Col. x+12, 19=s
Col. x+12, 20
Col. x+12, 21=sn
Col. x+12, 22
Col. x+12, 23
Col. x+12, 24[=s]n
Col. x+12, 25
Col. x+13, 1mꜣ<ṯ>(?)=n n=k nb nṯr.w j =n
Col. x+13, 2dḫs=k tpw.w=sn
Col. x+13, 3šsr=k šsm.w
Col. x+13, 4qnbw=k qnw.w=s
Col. x+13, 5wsḥ=k wsr
Col. x+13, 6smt=k mḥ jb.w
Col. x+13, 7ḏj=k jmj.w-jb.w=sn m jmj[.w] pr-
Col. x+13, 8ḥr.t-ꜥ=k =k tbḥ.w js.t=sn ḥmr.w
Col. x+13, 9ḫt=k ḫwj=sn knj=k kꜣ=sn
Col. x+13, 10kꜣ jrj[.tw] wḥm-ꜥ m jrj=sn snf
Col. x+13, 11jj=k ḏs=k bꜣ qꜣ.tw
Col. x+13, 12mhr [ḥ]tr ḥtp
Col. x+13, 13ḥr=k s.t ḥr=k m-m-ꜥ
Col. x+13, 14bq jw/r mrwt=k jm=f
Col. x+13, 15 ḥr=k ndbw=k ḫrw=n
Col. x+13, 16=k 2spatium, no traces of signs recognisable. jw/r bšṯw
Fragm. 1, x+1 jm=f(?)
Fragm. 1, x+2 ḫsf ḏbꜣ jm=f
Fragm. 1, x+3[wpj?] mꜣꜥ.t m njw.wt spꜣ.wt
Fragm. 1, x+4.w m sḏmy.w jm=s
Fragm. 1, x+5 nn jm=s
Fragm. 1, x+6 šsp jm=f
Fragm. 1, x+7tr m
Fragm. 1, x+8 m(?)
Fragm. 1, x+9 ẖr ꜥwꜣ
Fragm. 1, x+10 ntj jm=f
Fragm. 1, x+11š
Fragm. 2, 1mj n js
Fragm. 2, 2nsw
Fragm. 2, 3ꜥꜣ
Fragm. 2, 4sdd
Fragm. 2, 5dns
Fragm. 2, 6šsm
Fragm. 2, 7ḥr=s
Fragm. 2, 8qꜣ
Fragm. 2, 9Mꜣj-ḥsw(?)
Fragm. 2, 10
Fragm. 3, x+1
Fragm. 3, x+2y.t
Fragm. 3, x+3.t ṯꜣj
Fragm. 3, x+4 ḫr stj(?)
Fragm. 3, x+5 m ms=k
Fragm. 4, x+1
Fragm. 4, x+2=n jm
Fragm. 4, x+3ḥḏ(?)=sn jw s
Fragm. 5, x+1 wr
Fragm. 5, x+2 pn
Fragm. 5, x+3

1 The following word is written beneath this line and above the next line
2 spatium, no traces of signs recognisable.


Col x+1
Col. x+2, 1You were attacked(?)
Col. x+2, 2[you were(?)] robbed(?)
Col. x+2, 3it was killed(?) for him
Col. x+2, 4enemies of the gods(?)
Col. x+2, 5your heritage
Col. x+2, 6[enemies(?) ...]
Col. x+2, 7
Col. x+2, 8
Col. x+2, 9[you were(?)] attacked(?)
Col. x+2, 10
Col. x+2, 11[you were wounded(?)]
Col. x+2, 12 say(?)
Col. x+2, 13 you were robbed(?) this(?)
Col. x+2, 14it is(?) make(?)
Col. x+2, 15(it?) was robbed these , who are in your cities,
Col. x+2, 16which occur(?) in your , as theft.
Col. x+2, 17The noble(?) land, one has captured his(?) gods, which ae [there(?)]
Col. x+2, 18which have overturned(?) your roof and which have entered(?) the [building](?)
Col. x+2, 19 great(?) the land in it
Col. x+2, 20 ofAtum
Col. x+2, 21he(?) is perish(?)ing(?)
Col. x+2, 22 great in your sanctuary
Col. x+2, 23 your enemy(?) went(?) to him(?)
Col. x+3
Col. x+4, 1 Your great hall, they have come(?)
Col. x+4, 2They have entered
Col. x+4, 3to the holy place
Col. x+4, 4the dancers(?)
Col. x+4, 5
Col. x+4, 6the cheering(?)
Col. x+4, 7
Col. x+4, 8every man. There is(?)
Col. x+4, 9The room(?)
Col. x+4, 10
Col. x+4, 11
Col. x+4, 12Your office hall(?)
Col. x+4, 13The house
head_I_1a with great reputation(?) the goat in the house of Ba
head_I_2a crocodile in the house of the king of Lower Egypt(?) her(?) hand on (at?) the meqeret-snake of (in?) the house of the serpent(?)
head_II_1aThe enemies(?) are(?) overthrown(?) which(?) are the ones(?) in
head_II_2athe temple of Khnum
Col. x+5, 1 as weak one(?)
Col. x+5, 2
Col. x+5, x+1
Col. x+5, x+2 her
Col. x+5, x+3 in front of her
Col. x+5, x+4 his servants(?) are stumbled(?).
Col. x+5, x+5 have a lack of grain,
Col. x+5, x+6 it will not be slaughtered in it.
Col. x+5, x+7 geeze to the place of massacre(?)
Col. x+5, x+8 her is opened, misdemeanor {or the like} is in the treasures of the temple.
Col. x+5, x+9 her as villain(?) knowing of the? / the? sons(?)
Col. x+5, x+10 the great [mene]kh-garment(?) which(?) is a(?) god's cloth(?). Anger is(?) in the face of the small ones(?)
Col. x+5, x+11 of the woman(?) in the house {or the like} of the lord of speech(?)
Col. x+5, x+12
Col. x+6, 1 who are(?) carrier(?)
Col. x+6, 2 their are ruinous.
Col. x+6, 3their are ruinous, both processional routes(?) are destroyed(?), they will not be renewed(?) (again).
Col. x+6, 4 jubilation(?) over them.
Col. x+6, 5 she opposes the enemies(?).
Col. x+6, 6 every with(?)
Col. x+6, 7 every abomination against the temple.
Col. x+6, 8 her
Col. x+6, 9 in order(?) to satisfy her with(?)
Col. x+6, 10 while doing that what their heart tolds (them).
Col. x+6, 11 as secret(?) in order to open(?)
Col. x+6, 12 at heaven(?).
Col. x+6, 13in order to satisfy Upper Egypt
Col. x+6, 14The great temples are like small ones(?).
Col. x+6, 15Not are satisfied the ones who are in their places.
Col. x+6, 16Not exists one who [knows](?) them to repell the abomination
Col. x+6, 17The house of the scripttures is enlighted at the sight of [enemies of the temple],
Col. x+6, 18the holy scriptures are in the hands of children.
Col. x+6, 19Who enteres the temple, makes [destruction](?)
Col. x+6, 20The sabu comes, it will be acted with the words
Col. x+6, 21 you/your in the hearts.
Col. x+6, 22 it is, one talks(?) to
Col. x+6, 23 passing the images(?) of the gods
Col. x+6, 24 peevishness of hearts(?)
Col. x+7, 1 has entered
Col. x+7, 2 siting
Col. x+7, 3 listening
Col. x+7, 4the message(?)
Col. x+7, 5the great ones
Col. x+7, 6the small ones(?)
Col. x+8, 1They(?) (Their?) the grain(?) of his farmland(?), (it is?) given as "gift to the enemies"(?)
Col. x+8, 2 the offering bread of his employeeship is given(?) to the children(?)
Col. x+8, 3 the weak one(?) in front of his pillared hall.
Col. x+8, 4 the criminals in his city.
Col. x+8, 5 wild animals(?) at his gate(?).
Col. x+8, 6 their runners(?) are fallen(?) in
Col. x+8, 7 their(?) , destroyed(?) is/was the(?) .
Col. x+8, 8 enemy(?).
Col. x+8, 9 divided(?).
Col. x+8, 10 to the outside(?)
Col. x+8, 11 he will as greedy one (? / in greed?)
Col. x+8, 12 there(?) their emanation there(?)
Col. x+8, 13 their(?they?) his abomination [(is?) there (?) ...]
Col. x+8, 14 they (?) his lock (? {or the like})
Col. x+8, 15 they(?) his gate(?)
Col. x+8, 16 his (?) behind(?) the evildoer.
Col. x+8, 17 they rob there(?).
Col. x+8, 18 the(?) rebel against the god there(?).
Col. x+8, 19 these(?) their back(?) against you(?)
Col. x+8, 20
Col. x+8, 21 complain(?) there(?)
Col. x+8, 22 kill(?)
Col. x+8, 23
Col. x+8, 24
Col. x+8, 25
Col. x+8, 26
Col. x+9 their [fight]ers(?)
Col. x+10, 1 against them; may you blind(?)
Col. x+10, 2 blind(?)
Col. x+10, 3 your enemies there.
Col. x+10, 4 neglect(?) the time limit
Col. x+10, 5 in every appearance.
Col. x+10, 6 as(?) enemies(?)
Col. x+10, 7 our who(?) in the heart
Col. x+10, 8 [enemies {or the like}] are who make tired(?)
Col. x+10, 9 your reputation(?) behind their hearts.
Col. x+10, 10 you/your against them while opening their arms over(?) you.
Col. x+10, 11 you may hear that their need(?) endures(?)
Col. x+10, 12 you may them(?/forthem?) of (?/at?) the most meagre food in their body(?).
Col. x+10, 13 as(?) enemies(?) in their hearts.
Col. x+10, 14 may you(?) string your bow(?), may you fetch your arrow(?)
Col. x+10, 15 may you beat until an end is done with them.
Col. x+10, 16 with(?) your knife
Col. x+10, 17 knife
Col. x+10, 18 your knife [with] them(?)
Col. x+10, 19 the fleas(?)
Col. x+10, 20 worms(?)
Col. x+10, 21
Col. x+11, 1you [may]
Col. x+11, 2you [may bind(?)] the ones lying(?) on their belly
Col. x+11, 3you may attack
Col. x+11, 4you may blind(?) the mistress(?)
Col. x+11, 5you may cut(?)
Col. x+11, 6you may devastate
Col. x+11, 7you may injure the following
Col. x+11, 8you may do evil(?) to
Col. x+11, 9you may subdue
Col. x+11, 10you may blockade(?) the destroyers(?)
Col. x+11, 11you may kill(?)
Col. x+11, 12you may cause to fall in distress(?)
Col. x+11, 13you may
Col. x+12, 1 you slaughter them.
Col. x+12, 2 you them.
Col. x+12, 3 you them.
Col. x+12, 4 you them.
Col. x+12, 5 you them.
Col. x+12, 6 you them.
Col. x+12, 7 you for them.
Col. x+12, 8 for them.
Col. x+12, 9
Col. x+12, 10 you
Col. x+12, 11 you
Col. x+12, 12 [th]em.
Col. x+12, 13 them.
Col. x+12, 14 [th]em.
Col. x+12, 15 [th]em.
Col. x+12, 16
Col. x+12, 17
Col. x+12, 18
Col. x+12, 19 th[em].
Col. x+12, 20
Col. x+12, 21 them.
Col. x+12, 22
Col. x+12, 23
Col. x+12, 24 [th]em.
Col. x+12, 25
Col. x+13, 1We call upon you(?), lord of the gods
Col. x+13, 2You may dismember their leaders,
Col. x+13, 3you may slaughhter the ones with strong arm,
Col. x+13, 4you may tame [their] strong ones,
Col. x+13, 5you may slaughter [their] strong ones.
Col. x+13, 6You may kill(?) [their(?)] confidants(?),
Col. x+13, 7you may give their confidants(?)
Col. x+13, 8you(?) may your(?) arrears(?) needs(?) of their crew(?) and so on(?).
Col. x+13, 9[You] may cut (off) their [sins](?), you may despise(?) their names.
Col. x+13, 10Then it may be repeated what they have done before.
Col. x+13, 11You have come(?) yourself, be animated, be raised.
Col. x+13, 12The team of cattle may be milked(?/suckled?) in peace.
Col. x+13, 13Your face place, your face (shall be?) at
Col. x+13, 14 your love is in him(?).
Col. x+13, 15your face, you may hear our [voice],
Col. x+13, 16you may [beat {or the like}] (against) the rebells(?).
Fragm. 1, x+1 in him(?)
Fragm. 1, x+2 rejecting(?) of the reward(?) by(?) him.
Fragm. 1, x+3 truth in the cities and nomes.
Fragm. 1, x+4 as(?) listener (?/judge?) in it.
Fragm. 1, x+5 will not be replaced (?/represented?) in it(?).
Fragm. 1, x+6 recieve(?) in him.
Fragm. 1, x+7 respect(?) in (?/as?)
Fragm. 1, x+8
Fragm. 1, x+9 rob(?)
Fragm. 1, x+10 who is in him (?).
Fragm. 1, x+11
Fragm. 2, 1Come to
Fragm. 2, 2king
Fragm. 2, 3great
Fragm. 2, 4trembling
Fragm. 2, 5heavy
Fragm. 2, 6
Fragm. 2, 7on him(?).
Fragm. 2, 8high
Fragm. 2, 9Mai-hsa(?)
Fragm. 2, 10
Fragm. 3, x+1
Fragm. 3, x+2
Fragm. 3, x+3
Fragm. 3, x+4
Fragm. 3, x+5 your(?)
Fragm. 4, x+1 1traces.
Fragm. 4, x+2
Fragm. 4, x+3 their , it is/they are
Fragm. 5, x+1 great(?)
Fragm. 5, x+2 this
Fragm. 5, x+3 2traces.

1 traces.
2 traces.