Pap. Berlin P. 23045   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Fragments of the "Teaching of (Dua)Kheti" and "The Instruction of King Amenemhet I for his Son"
Summary This object contains two teachings: “The Teaching of (Dua)Kheti” (XXXf-g; see Helck, Duakheti (1970), 148-149) and “The Instruction of King Amenemhet I for his Son” (Ia – middle part of IVa; see Helck, Amenemhet (1969), 15-26). “probably the latest known copy of a Middle Kingdom literary composition” (Quack, Sammelhandschrift (2003), 185)


x+1 [t] ḫpr tm jb m-sꜣ ḥry
x+2 smr m sḫprw n=k ꜣqy.w nn km
x+3 hrw n qs jw ḏj.n=j
x+4 [wn]m kꜣ.w jr.t ṯs
x+1 wꜣ.t n.t ꜥnḫ mk
x+2 sbꜣy.t
x+3 nb-r-ḏr ḏd=f ḫꜥỉ
x+4m nṯr sꜣq tw r smd.t
x+5r=f tm. tj t ḫpr tmm.t rḏỉ jb m-sꜣ ḥ m rḫ
x+6ḫnms 1Only the determinative is preserved. m sḫpr.w n=k ꜥq.w nn km jr.j
x+7 hrw qsn(.t) jw jn
x+8wnm kꜣ=j jrỉ ṯs.t

1 Only the determinative is preserved.


x+1 who are nothing and about [their] respect you don't have to worry
x+2 a friend. Don't make yourself confidents, that dosn't succeed
x+3 [at the] day of misery. Because I gave
x+4 [at]e the food, arranged tro[ops]
x+1[///] the way of life
x+2[///] Teaching
x+3[///] Lord of all. He said [appeared]
x+4[as god] [///] [Beware] of the smd.t-staff
x+5who prove non-existent 1According to: Parkinson, Egyptian Poems (1997), 209, n. 3. (and) [whose] terror was not [keep in] mind. [///] [Know no]
x+6 [friend!] Make yourself no confidants – It is no [use]! [///]
x+7[///] the [d]ay of trouble [///] [The one]
x+8[who ate] <my> food was the one who [reproached] [///]

1 According to: Parkinson, Egyptian Poems (1997), 209, n. 3.