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Modern Title letter to the Persian local administrator of Elephantine Parnuma concerning transportation of grain
Summary Chnoummachis, son of Harnouphis, writes to the Persian local administrator of Elephantine Farnava (not Pherendates as assumed in the earlier literature) concerning the transportation of grain. He insists on guarded men to guard the grain due to the danger of outlaws.


1ḫrw bꜣk H̱nm-m-ꜣḫ.t sꜣ Ḥr-nfr m-bꜣḥ pꜣy=f ḥry Prnw ı͗ ḏı͗ Pꜣ-Rꜥ qy pꜣy=f ꜥḥꜥ ı͗.ı͗r Wsı͗r-wr
2ḏı͗.t ꜥḥꜥ(=y) ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr Prnw ḏd m-šm r pꜣ ḏw ı͗rm ꜣṱrpn my ı͗r=w ꜥrꜥr
3r pꜣ qry ı͗w=w ṯꜣy.ṱ=f my ṯꜣy=w nꜣ nkt nty n.ı͗m=f r pꜣy=y ꜥ.wy my ı͗r=w st n pr-ḥḏ šꜥ.tw(=y) pḥ
4m-sꜣ-s pḥ=n r pꜣ ḏw ı͗r=w ꜥrꜥr r pꜣ qry ṯꜣy=w s n grḥ n ḥsb.t 36
5ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 15 m-sꜣ-s ḏd ꜣṱrpn n nꜣ mḏ.w nty ḥr pꜣ qry nꜣ pr.w ı͗.gm=w
6n pꜣ qry r-ı͗ny st r pꜣ ı͗tn mtw=w grꜥ=w ḏd=ı͗ n=f nꜣ pr.w ı͗w=w grꜥ=w ḥr
7pꜣ ı͗tn ı͗w mn nꜣ rmṯ(.w) nty ı͗w=w r fꜣyṱ=w r Km.t ı͗n-ı͗w nꜣ rmṯ(.w) nty bks nty
8ḥr pꜣ ḏw r ı͗y r.r=w n grḥ ı͗w=w r ḫr=w ḫr nw=n r nꜣ rmṯ(.w) nty bks ı͗w=w
9ḥr pꜣ ḏw ḥr pꜣ mꜣꜥ rsy wbꜣ=n ḫr nw ꜣṱrpn r.r=w ꜥn ḫr ḫpr=f ı͗w=w ḥms
10wbꜣ=n n mtr m-sꜣ ḫpr ı͗w wn wš qꜣy ı͗wṱ=n ı͗wṱ=w nꜣ pr.w ı͗w=w ı͗nṱ=w
11r ẖry ı͗w mn rmṯ(.w) qnqn r ḥrḥ r nꜣy pr.w ı͗w nꜣ rmṯ(.w) nty bks r ı͗y
12r.r=w n grḥ ı͗w=w r ṯꜣy.ṱ=w ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w mr.w s ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr ḥry nꜣ pr.w ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w=w r
vso 1ṯꜣy.ṱ=w r pꜣ ꜥ.wy (n) Wsı͗r-wr my hb=w r ꜣṱrpn r tm ḏı͗.t ı͗n=w st r pꜣ ı͗tn
vso 2mtw=f ḫpr nꜣ pr.w nty ı͗w=w r rḫ ı͗n.ṱ=w r ẖry n wꜥ ı͗wn nꜣ nty ı͗w=w r ı͗n.ṱ=w r ẖry
vso 3ḥr pꜣ qry mtw nꜣ rmṯ(.w) ḥrḥ r pꜣ sp ı͗w=w ḥms n pꜣ qry bw-ı͗r-tw=w mnq
vso 4wꜣḥ byꜣ n pꜣ qry r pꜣy ḏd-wnw.t 8 n ḥsb.t 36 ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 17 wn-nꜣy.w ı͗w(=y) r
vso 5hb n nꜣ ı͗p.w n nꜣ nkt r gm=w sẖ bꜣk H̱nm-m-ꜣḫ.t sꜣ Ḥr-nfr n ḥsb.t 36 ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 17
vso 6ḫrw bꜣk H̱nm-m-ꜣḫ.t sꜣ Ḥr-nfr m-bꜣḥ pꜣy=f ḥry Prnw


1Voice of the servant Chnumachis, son of Harnouphis, before his master Farnava. Oh may Pre cause his lifetime to be long! Osoroeris has caused
2me to stand before Farnava, saying: ‘Go to the mountain with Atarpana. Cause them to land
3at this quay. When they take it away, cause them to take away the goods being in it to my house. Cause them to place them in the storage until (I) arrive.’
4Then we arrived at the mountain. They have landed at this quay. They have taken it away by night in the 36th regnal year,
515th of Payni. Then Atarpana spoke to the soldiers who were on the quay: ‘The grain which was found
6on this quay: Bring it to the inland and deposit it (there).’ I have spoken to him: ‘ The grain, if it is deposited on
7 the inland, without the men who will carry it to Egypt being present, then the outlaws who are
8on the mountain will come for it at night and they will steal it.’ We are used to seeing the outlaws when they are
9 on the mountain on the southern side opposite us. Atarpana is used to seeing them as well. Usually it happens that they sit
10opposite us by day, but there is a long distance between us and between them. The grain, if it is brought
11down, without armed men to guard this grain (being present), then the outlaws will come
12for it at night and they will take it away. If it is pleasing for the master: The grain, if it is to be
vso 1taken to the house of Osoroeris: Cause them to send to Atarpana, in order that he might not cause it to be brought to the inland
vso 2and let it happen that the grain, which can be brought down in one load, will be that which will be brought down
vso 3from the quay. And let the men guard the remainder, while they are sitting on the quay. They had not finished
vso 4putting the bya-container(?) on the quay by this 8th hour of the 36th regnal year, 17th of Payni. (I) was going
vso 5 to appeal to the accounts of the things which were found. Written by Chnumachis, son of Harnouphis, in the 36th regnal year, 17th of Payni. [_]
vso 6Voice of the servant Chnumachis, son of Harnouphis before his master Farnava.
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