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Publication No. O.Strasb. 37
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Receipt of the bank of Syene, written by the scribe Ptolemaios, dated in year 5 (Ptol. III.). A person is confirmed of having paid 4 drachmas for salt tax of the 3rd regnal year and further 4 dr. perhaps for the 4th year?, in total 8 drachmas. Demotic subscription mentioning 3 kite and a certain Horos, son of Haryotes. Relationship of both texts unclear due to heavy damage of the entire text.


1(ἔτους) ε Φαῶ̣φι -?-
2ἐν Συήνηι τρ̣ά̣πεζαν 1ed. ει ̣ ̣ω ̣ι ̣ -?- Πτολε-
3μ̣αίου γραμματέως 2ed. ταρου γρ( ) καὶ ο ε̣ -?-
4των Ἀπυννορο 3Another reading proposal according to TM is Μυννορο[///]. -?-
5ἁλικῶ̣ν τοῦ γ ∟ ̣ ̣ -?-
6πρὸς 4ed. ̣ ̣ ̣ ἀργύριον (δραχμὰς) δ καὶ -?-
7(δραχμὰς) δ τὰς πάσας (δραχμὰς) ὀκτώ -?-

1 ed. ει ̣ ̣ω ̣ι ̣
2 ed. ταρου γρ( )
3 Another reading proposal according to TM is Μυννορο[///].
4 ed. ̣ ̣ ̣
8ypn qd 3 n-ḏr.t
9 qd
10 Ḥr sꜣ Ḥr-wḏꜣ


1Year 5, Phaophi ? --- to
2the bank in Syene ---(through?) Ptole-
3maios, scribe, and ---
4of Apynnoro ---
5of salt of the 3rd regnal year ---
64 copper dr. in silver standard and ---
74 drachmas, total eight drachmas ---
8[///]ypen: 3 kite. Issued by
9[///] ..?.. kite ..?..
10[///] Horos, son of Haryotes.
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