Pap. Padua, Museo Civico [unknown]   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title draft letter requesting the delivery of grain
Summary This is the draft of a letter to be send from Elephantine to Elkab. Beneath different matters, partly unclear due to the lost of the middle part, the main topic is the request of outstanding grain.



1mn ḏꜣ.t n Ta-Mwt tꜣ ꜥ .t ı͗rm
2nꜣy=s ḫm-ẖl.w Rnp.t-nfr.t
3tꜣ ꜥꜣ.t Ta-Spd tꜣ ḫm.t
4Tꜣ-šr.t-wrš nꜣ ḫm-ẖl.w I͗y-m-ḥtp
5pꜣ ḫm mn ḏꜣ.t n Nḥm-s-ꜣs.t
6tꜣ ꜥꜣ.t Tꜣ-šr.t-I͗mn nꜣ ḫm-ẖl.w I͗y-
7-m-ḥtp pꜣ ḫm mn ḏꜣ.t
1Presumbaly between 2 and 5 lines are missng, judging from the format of the (preserved) papyrus.

1 Presumbaly between 2 and 5 lines are missng, judging from the format of the (preserved) papyrus.
x+8ı͗bd 3 pr.t sw ꜥrqı͗ r hn pꜣ hrw
x+9bn-pw=k hb n=y r ḏı͗.t sḏm=y
x+10pꜣy=k wḏꜣ ı͗rm nꜣ nty ı͗w=k ẖn=w
x+11wn wꜥ bꜣk ı͗.ı͗r=y s ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=k
x+12n pꜣ wš rn=f ḏı͗=y ı͗n=w s
x+13r Nḫb hb=w n=y ḏd
x+14ı͗n=w n=k pꜣ bꜣk rn=f bn-pw=k
x+15hb n=y ẖ.ṱ=f ı͗w=y dy
x+16n Yb m-ı͗r srrꜥ
x+17nꜣ nty ḥꜣ.t nꜣ ḫm pr r šp=w
x+18wbꜣ=n 1Transcription and translation of this sentence according to M. Depauw.

1 Transcription and translation of this sentence according to M. Depauw.

vso1pꜣ wš nty ı͗w pr sbt
vso2ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=k n-ı͗m=f ı͗w-ı͗w=k hb n=y
vso3pꜣy=w wꜣḥ ı͗rm pꜣ mꜣꜥ nty
vso4ı͗w=k n-ı͗m=f m-sꜣ ḫpr m-ı͗r
vso5ḫpr ḫꜥꜣ n hyn ḫm
vso6pr.w r pꜣy=f swn qd 4½
vso7ẖr pꜣ rtb sw dy ḏd=w s n=n
vso8ḏd ḫpr wꜥ ꜥḫl I͗y-m-ḥtp
vso9pꜣ ḫm n N’.t r- dbꜣ hyn
vso10nb s ı͗w=f ḏı͗ n-ı͗m=w r- dbꜣ

vso x+12ḫt(?) Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Mn
vso x+13 n=y my gm=f s
vso x+14ḏd mn ḏꜣ.t n rmṯ nb nty
vso x+15ṯꜣy r-r=k ḫpr ršy r- dbꜣ.ṱ=k
vso x+16m-ı͗r ꜥw n ḥꜣ.ṱ r hb n=y
vso x+17n pꜣy=k wḏꜣ r ḏı͗.t sḏm=y s ḏd



1There is nothing wrong with Tamouthis Senior and with
2her youngsters Rempnophris
3Senior (and) Tastis Junior ..?..
4Senorsis, the youngsters of Imouthes
5Junior. There is nothing wrong with Naomsesis
6[Senior] (and) Senamounis, the youngsters of I-
7[mouthes Junior]. There is nothing wrong
x+830th of Phamenoth until today.
x+9You have not sent to me to let me hear
x+10your health and the situation you are in.
x+11There exists a letter which I have made to you
x+12at the time in question. I have let it brought
x+13to Elkab. They have sent to me, saying
x+14that they brought to you the letter in question. You have not
x+15sent to me its contents while I was here
x+16in Elephantine. You may not neglect
x+17the things that impede the little grain which was bought
x+18for us.

vso1The moment the grain is ready
vso2before you, you will sent to me
vso3an answer to these and the place where
vso4you are. But do not
vso5let an end come to some little
vso6grain while its value is 4½ kite
vso7per artaba of wheat here. They have told to us
vso8that it happened an iniquity with Imouthes
vso9Junior in Thebes concerning some
vso10gold coins since they found him while he was selling them for
vso11money ..?.. [///]
vso x+12[///] ..?.. Peteminis
vso x+13[///] ..?.. for me. May he find
vso x+14that there is nothing wrong with every man who
vso x+15belongs to you. Thus has arosen joy because of you.
vso x+16You may not wait to sent to me
vso x+17about your health to let me hear it that
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