Ostr. Cambridge (UK) University Library 131-133   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD D.7.1
Modern Title Missive to Qawîlyah. Re: A Sheep, A Goat, and Foodstuff


1אל אמי קויליה ברכת
2שלחת לכי קנ כענת הלו הא
3נפנא רעיא זי סחמרי בעל
4טבתכמ אתה סונ עמ קנא
5לזבנה אזלי קומי
6עמה בסונ יומא
7זנה הנ תעבדנ
1לה טבה בסונ יעבד לי
2אפ הו הלו מח⸣ר לי למאזל
3[ל]ביתי וינתנו לכי ענז 𐡘 עד
4אמטאנכ כענ חזי זי טבה
5◦למעבד לה הלו כפננ המו 1The first stroke may be a stray or errased mark.
6אפ לחמ אפ קמח הבי
7לה ושאלהי
8למזנה תבעה תבעי

1 The first stroke may be a stray or errased mark.


1To my mother Qawîlyah. I have blessed [ you to DN (?)]
2I send word to you (f.s.) /(about) a sheep.\ Now, indeed notice (that)
3Npnˀ the sheppard of Seḥmerê the bene-
4factor of you all is coming (to) Syene with the sheep
5to sell (it). Go (and) attend (f.s.)
6to him in Syene, to-
7day. Should you shall serve
1[him we]ll in Syene, he shall do (the same) for me.
2[h]e [is coming], indeed, tomorrow to go
3[to] my house. He should give you (f.s.) 1 goat before
4I reach you (f!.s). Now, see (to it) that a good (thing)
5(is) done for him. Indeed, they are hungry ones!
6Certainly, giv[e] (f.s.) bread, even flour,
7to him, and inquire of him
8saying, "this?" (and) you must do (it).
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