Pap. New York, Brooklyn Museum 47.218.12   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD B.6.1; Kraeling 14
Modern Title Beginning of a Document of Wifehood
Summary Beginning of a document of wifehood of an unkown member of Iddin-Nabu's detatchment.


1ב 𐡘𐡘𐡘 𐡘𐡘𐡘 𐡘𐡘 לאיר הו יומ 𐡜 לתעבי שנת ... מלכא (אדנ) אמר ... בר ....
2ארמי זי יב בירתא לדגל אדננבו לל... בר ...
3לאמר אנה אתית עליכ בביתכ ושאלת מנכ ל... ...כ לאנתו ויהבתה לי הי אנתתי
4ואנה בעלה מנ יומא זנה עד עלמ ויהבת לכ מהר ... כספ כרש 𐡘 באבני
5מלכא כספ ר 𐡘𐡘 לכרש 𐡘 ...
6כספ כרש # ...
7... חטיב
8צבע (ידינ) פשכ 𐡘 לפמ 𐡘 שוה כספ כרש 𐡘 ◦[...]
9... חטיב צבע ידינ ...


1On the [8]th of Iyyar, (that) is day 20 of Tybi, year [# RN the king. (Then) said PN son PN,]
2an Aramean of Fort Elephantine belonging to the degal-unit of ˀIddinnabû, to [◦◦]L[... son of ...]
3saying: I have come to you (m.s.) in your (m.s.) house and ⸢as⸣[ked of you for (title) PN your (m.s.) (relation) for wifehood, and you gave her to me. She is my wife,]
4and I am her husband, from this day until eterni[ty. And I gave you (m.s.) a mohar ... silver, 1 karš according to the stones of]
5the king, silver(-rate): 2 q(uarters to [1] kar[š ...]
6silver, [#] ka[rš ...]
7[... striped (garment), ]
8[hand-dyed/embroidered,] 1 [pšk-handbreadth] (whereby) 1 edge(-measurement) equals (in) silv[er] 1 [ka]rš ◦[...]
9[... stri]ped (garment), han[d]-dyed/embroid[ered ...]
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