Pap. Cairo EM JdE 43467   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD A.4.10
Modern Title Offer of Payment for reconstruction of temple
Summary This is a draft of an offer of payment for the reconstruction of the tempel from Jedaniah, son of Gemaariah, Mauzi, son of Nathan, Shemaiah, son of Haggai, Hosea son of Jathom and Hosea, son of Nattum. These are Syrians hereditary property-holders in Elephantine (line 6). They commit themselves not to offer animal sacrifices but only incense and meal offering.


1Parallel to fibers
1עבדיכ ידניה בר גמריהשמה 1
2מעוזי בר נתנ שמה1
3שמעיה בר חגי שמה 1
4הושע בר יתומ שמה 1
5הושע בר נתונ שמה 1 כל גברנ 3 + 2
6סונכננ זי ביב בירתא מהחסננ
7כנ אמרנ הנ מראנ
8ואגורא זי יהו אלהא זילנ יתבנה
9ביב בירתא כזי קדמנ בנה הוה
10וקנ תור ענז מקלו לא יתעבד תמה
11להנ לבונה מנחה יקרבונ תמה
12ומראנ אודיס יעבד על זנה אחר
13נתנ על בית מראנ כספ
14שערנ ארדבנ אלפ

1 Parallel to fibers


1Your servants - 1 named Jedaniah son of Gem[ariah],
2[1] named Mauzi son of Nathan,
31 named Shemaiah son of Haggai,
41 named Hosea son of Jathom,
51 named Hosea son of Nattun: all (told) 5 persons,
6Syenians who are heredi[tary-property-hold]ers in Elephantine the fortress -
7say thus: If our lord [...]
8and our Temple of YHW the God be rebuilt
9in Elephantine the fortress as it was former[ly bu]ilt -
10and sheep, ox, and goat are [n]ot made there as burnt-offering
11but [they offer there] (only) incense (and) meal-offering -
12and should our lord mak[e] a statement [about this, then]
13we shall give to the house of our lord si[lver...and]
14a thousa[nd] ardabs of barley.