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Publication No. P.Abbott MarriageContracts 2
Modern Title Receipt for the bridal gift
Summary Acknowledged from the wife that she released her husband from all the balance due her of the deferred instalment of her dowry which had been contracted, and also that she give her house in Aswan to him.



1بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
2شهد الشهود المسمون في صدر هذا الكتاب ان الثنية ابنت انتناس بن يحنس بن سلد لارس النصراني
3اقرت عندهم واشهدتهم على نفسها في صحة بدنها وتمامة عقلها وجواز امرها انها ابرات زوجها
4قيرقة بن تيدر بن سمويل النصراني من جميع الباقي لها عليه من موخر صداقها الذى كان عقد
5عليه نكاحها وهو ثمانون دينارا مثاقيل ذهبا عينا وازنا صحاحا جيادا معسولة عزيزية
6واسقطت رهنه عنه وجعلته من جميعه في حل وسعة في الدنيا والاخرة واقرت ان جميع
7ما ينسب اليها من منزل بــاسوان وما ضمه من اصناف الامتعة كلها من ثياب ونحاس وحديد
8 وسوار وخسب وقليل وكثير مما يتنوله التاس لزوجها قيرقة بن تيدر مالا من ماله وحقا
9 من حقوقه وملكا له دونها ودون الناس اجمعين بامر حق واكتتب ذكر حــق بحريته لزوجها الاحرار له به
10فقبل ذلك منها مخاطبة منه اباها عليه شهد على اقرارهما بما في هذا الكتاب في صحتهما وجواز امورهما طائعين
11غير مكرهين في ذو الحجة من سنة ثمان وسبعبن وثلثمائة شهد علي بن جعفر بن ابرهٮم بن احمد
12على اڡرارهما بما في هذا الكتاٮ وكتب شهادته بخطه
13شهد الحسن بن احمد بن رزق الله بن محمد وكتب شهادته على اقرار الثنية ابنت انتناس بتاريخه
14شهد عبد الله بن ابرهيم على اقرار الزوج بخطه


1In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate!
2The witnesses named in this document testify that al-Thanya bt. Antanās b. Yuḥannis b. Sld Lāris the Christian
3acknowledged before them and caused them to bear witness for her, she being sound in body and sane of mind and capable of transacting her affairs, that she released her husband
4Qīriqe b. Thīdur b. Samawīl the Christian from all the balance due her of the deferred instalment of her dowry which had been contracted
5for her in her marriage contract, that being eightly dinars, mathāḳīl gold coin, of full-weight, correctly-minted, good, true dinars of ʿAzīzi.
6And she released him from his pledge for it and set him with respect to all of it free and at ease in this world and the next. And she acknowledged that all
7that which pertained to her by way of a residence in (the) house at Aswān and (all) that is connected with it of all the variety of furnishings, of clothes, and brass, and iron
8and kitchen-ware, and wood, and little and much that the people handle - all this belongs to her husband, Qīriqe b. Thīdur, as a property of his properties and a rightful holding
9of his rightful holdings, and as a possession belonging to him exclusive of her and of all people by legal mandate. And she caused to be written for her husband a legal deed regarding his freedom which constitutes his release
10And he accepted that from her (having) discussed it with her father. Testimony was given to their acknowledgement of what is in this document the two being in sound health and capable of transacting their affairs, voluntarily
11and without compulsion, in Dhū l-Ḥijja of the year three hundred and seventyeight. ʿAlī b. Jaʿfar b. Ibrahīm b. Aḥmad testified
12to their acknowledgement of what is in this document and wrote his testimony with his (own) hand.
13Al-Ḥasan b. Aḥmad b. Rizḳallāh b. Muḥammad gave witness and wrote his testimony regarding the acknowledgement of al-Thanya bt. Antanās on the same date as that of the document
14ʿAbdallāh b. Ibrahīm testified to the acknowledgement of the husband with his (own) hand
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