Papr. Rome, Private Collection Monneret de Villard X   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.MargoliouthMonneret II 4 verso
Modern Title Prayer (Love Charm), poetic verses, and letter address
Summary The verso comprises three texts: the first is the letter address from the recto, the second is several poems in vulgar Arabic written continuously like prose, and the third is a prayer (Love charm).


1يصل الى مدينة اسوان يسلم الى عثمان الجاويش
1ترا الدنيا تدور بلولبيها وترفع واطيان وتحط عالي
2ولا تاخذ من الدنيا اهودا في اينقص كل شي عند الكمالي
3ابيت بليلتي واصبح ليومي ولا يدري يميني من شمالي
4تلوموني ولا تدروا ما بي ولا يعلم بحالي غير حالي
1اللهــم اسلك يا من رفع السماء مع الهواء
2وسطح الارض على المياه وعلمت ما بينهما
3اسلك انــت تجعل لحاملته من كل هما فرجا
4ومن كل ضيقا مخرجا ومن كل عسرا يسرا
5وكل خيرا سبيلا ومن ظلمها انصرها عليه ورد
6كيده في نحره وانصرها عليه والف اللهــم
7 قبل قلب فلان ابن فلانة الى طرائق فلانة بنت
8فلانة انك على ما تشاء قدير الله لا حول
9ولا قوة الا بـــاللّه العلي العظيم


1To go to the city of Aswān, to be delivered to ʿUthmān the Sergeant
1Thou see the world revolve on its hinges, raising the lowly and lowering the lofty
2Take thou not any covenant from the world, for everything diminishes when it reaches perfection
3I pass my night and wake for another day, and my right hand is not known from my left
4Ye blame me, yet know what is in me. Nor does any save my condition know what my condition is
1O God, I ask Thee, O Thou who has raised the heaven with the air
2and spread the earth on the waters, and knows what is between the two
3I ask Thee, Thou shalt make for the woman who carries it release from every anxiety
4and from every strait an exit, and from every difficulty ease
5and to every good a path. And Whosesoever wrongs her, help her against him and send back
6His mischief on his breast, and help her against him. And, O God, direct
7The heart of So-and-so son of So-and-so (fem.) to the paths of So-and-so (fem.) daughter of
8So-and-so (fem.). Verily Thou hast power over what Thou wilt. O God. There is no power
9And no strength except in God the most high, the most great.