Papr. Rome, Private Collection Monneret de Villard X   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.MargoliouthMonneret IV
Modern Title Private letter
Summary A letter sent in private to one of the priests, A man sent it to blame him of leaving abruptly, without a farewell or taking the grain that he had been ordered to acquire.


1‮‬الناس وان يطيل بقاءه ويديم حياته السعيدة سنين‬‬‬‬‬
2عديدة ويجمل العصر والزمان بجزيل فضله واحسانه
3ويبهج قلب مملوكه بجميل ذكره ويطلق بذلك قلبه ولسانه
4ويقرب اجتماع الشمل بقدسه على ما يسر ويختار بشفاعة
5السيدة العذرى والقديسين الابرار امين وينهى
6بعد وصف النزر اليسير من الشوق الكبير الذى يقصر
7للسان عن تعبيره ويعجز القلم عن تسطيره كثرة تعجبه
8من ابينا حين استعمل القلق فى حركاته ولم يجعل تلميذه
9باهلا ان يتشرف بوداعه ويتملا ببركاته مع ان الــتلميذ
10ابذل المجهود ولم يبلغ المقصود ودليله انه لم يخرم الميعاد
11بل حضر يوم الاتنين الى مدينة قوص وطلب الاب فلم
12يجده واجتمعت بـالشيخ الاسعد فعرفنى ان المولى انحدر
13فطلعت الى دير فيلوتاوس ودورت التلات دياره
14واخــدت لك حب القطــن وحب البرسيم بارخص ما
15يكون فى قوص واخدت لك قليل حب هندبا وجرجير
16وارسلت رسول بدابة يوم الجمعة وقعد الجمعة والـسبت
17ينتضرك تم انى اشتريت يوم السبت تراج بقيت فى قفط
18منتضر الرسول الى العشية حتى حضر الرسول ولم تجى صحبته
20 Recto marginالى يوم التلاتاء فاخبرني بسفرك فتعجبت لقلة امانه الاب فى تلميذه
21 Recto marginورددت الحبوب لاصحابها
22‮‬واخدت الدراهم لان الرسول قال اني سمعت انه قضا حاجـته فكانها‬‬‬‬‬
23لعبة فقد فرغت وما هذا خلقي ولا همتي ولا كلامي مع الناس
24الرؤساء متلك وكنت قد اجتمعت بـالقس بسنده فى جبل الشرق
25وانحزت البولس الذي بتسعين درهم نقرة
26وما بقا الا الاجتماع بك وقلت لـسمعان البصخة وقال هات الورق
27وكان الاب القس رافاييل فى دير فيلوتاوس وعرفته
28وكنا منتضرين حضورك لتكمل المسرة فما عطى المملوك ذلك
29لتا وبعد فقد اعلمتك امر البولس والبصخه وارسلت
30لك التراج صحبة موصلها فـالمولا فالمولى يرسل الجواب ساعة وصول
31الكتاب فـالرب سبحانه يبقي مولانا فى عافية و كلمن كل من تحوط به
32عنايته ورعايته امين والـتلميذ يضرب المطانوه تحت
33موطي قدمي الشماس الجليل الشفوق الحنون الودود الارش
34يحنس ابقاه الله سعيد مسعود وجعله لكل ملهوف موحود
35وحفضه حفض حدقة العين وكفاه عوارض الزمان
36وتجارب الشيطان بصلوات القديسين امين وكذلك جميع الاخوة
37كل واحد منهم باسمه ونعتـه مخصوصين باتم سلام والمسئول
38الدعاء فى الخلوات والتذكار فى الصلوات فان الـتلميد التلميذ لم
40 versso marginواما الوريقات متاع الشماس تيدرة فـاو


1And the people, and to prolong Prolonged his survival, and perpetuate his happy life for years
2many, and embellish the era and time with his great bounty and charity,
3and gladden the heart of his owned with his nice mentioned, and thus releases his heart and tongue
4and close reunion with his holiness on what pleased and selects by the intercession
5of the Virgin Mary and the righteous saints amen and he tells
6After describing the little bit of great longing which shortens
7the tongue of its expression and the pen is unable to do so his great surprise
8of our father, inasmuch as he has employed confusion in his movements and has not treated the disciple
9worthy to have the honour of bidding him farewell, and filling himself with his blessings, whereas the disciple
10has done his best without attaining his object. And the proof thereof is that he did not violate the appointment,
11but presented himself on Monday in the city of Qūṣ and sought the father but did not
12find him. And I met with al-Sheikh al-Asʿad 1Margoliouth translate it as: the most blessed Sheikh, and he informed me that the master had gone down.
13So I went up to the monastery of Philotheos, and went the round of the three monasteries,
14and took for you seed of cotton and seed of trefoil at the cheapest
15price in Qūṣ, and I took for you a little of endive and chickpeas seeds
16and I sent a messenger with a horse on the Friday. And he remained the Friday and the Saturday
17expecting you. Then I bought on the Saturday a pheasant and remained in Qifṭ
18awaiting the messenger till evening, until the messenger arrived, but you had not come in his company.
20 Recto margintill the Tuesday. And he informed me he tell me that you've traveled, and I was surprised because of the father's lack of honesty with his disciple
21 Recto marginSo I returned the seeds to their vendors

1 Margoliouth translate it as: the most blessed Sheikh
22And took the dirhems; because the messenger heard that you had finished your business, as if it was
23a game and I have finished. Now this is not my moral, my stamina, nor my way of dealing with
24leading persons like you; and I had met the priest Pasanda in the Eastern mountain
25and I finished the Paul which ..؟.. for ninety dirhams nuqra.
26And nothing remains but to met you. And I spoke to Samʿān about the Paskha, and he said: give me the paper
27The priest father Rāfāyīl was in the monastery of Philotheos and I told him,
28and we were expecting your presence so the joy might be full; but the slave was not granted that
29owing to ..؟.. To continue: I have told you about the Paul and the Paskhā, and have sent
30you the pheasant with the bearer of this letter. And may the master send the reply immediately on the arrival of
31the letter. And the God Almighty preserve our master in health, and all who are encompassed by
32his care and attention. Amen. And the disciple prostrates himself beneath
33the place trodden by the feet of the deacon, noble, etc., the Arshī,
34Yuḥannis, whom God preserve in bliss and happiness, making him the recourse of every one in trouble
35Guarding him like the apple of the eye, and saving him from the emergencies of time
36and the temptations of the devil, by the prayers of the saints. Amen. And like all the brethren
37severally by name and description, privileged with the most perfect peace. And there is requested
38prayer in retirement and remembrance in prayers. For the disciple has not …
39 ..؟..
40 versso marginAnd as for the poor papers belonging to the deacon Tiyudura ..؟..