Pap. Cairo EM JdE 37112   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD B.2.8; Sayce Cowley F; Cowley 14
Modern Title Withdrawal from Goods
Summary Mibtahiah (here written with a p) and Peu the Egyptian builder are engaged in litigation concerning silver, grain, clothes, vessels, and a document of wifehood. Mibtahiah gives an oath by the Egyptian goddess Sati. This document of withdrawel written by Peteis an Aramaean scribe supports Peu's waiver of all future suit by a standard of five karsh penalty.



1 On the 14th of Ab, that is day 19 of Pachons, year 25 of Artaxerxes the king, said Peu
2son of Paḥe/Pakhoi, a builder of Syene the fortress, to Mibtahiah daughter of Mahseiah son of Jedania,
33an Aramean of Syene of the detachment of Varyazata, about the suit which we made in Syene, a litigation about silver
4and grain and clothing and bronze and iron — all goods and property — and (the) ^wifehood^ document. Then, the oath
5came upon you and you swore for me about them by Sati the goddess. And my heart was satisfied
6with that oath which you made for me about those goods and I withdrew from you from
7this day and forever. I shall not be able to institute against you suit or process — (against) you or son
8or daughter of yours — in the name of those goods about which you swore for me. If I institute against you
9suit or process, or a son of mine or a daughter of mine institute against you (suit) in the name of that oath, I, Peu — or my children —
10shall give to Mi(b)tahiah silver, 5 karsh by the stone(-weight)s of the king, without suit or without process,
11and I am withdrawn from every suit or process. Wrote Peṭeese son of Nabunathan this document
12in Syene the fortress at the instruction of Peu son of Paḥe/Pakhoi. The witnesses herein: (2nd hand) Naburai son of Nabunathan;
1313(3rd hand) Luḥi son of Mannuki; (4th hand) Ausnahar son of Duma/Ruma; (5th hand) Naburai son of Vishtana.
vso 1Document (sealing) of withdrawal which Peu wrote for Miptah[ia]h.