Pap. P. Hamburg A.O. 5   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.Hamb.Arab. I 14; P.Hamb.Arab. II 57
Modern Title Letter (undefined), and Contractual regulation of lease expenses
Summary On recto an undefined private letter, and one verso there are administrative document about contractual regulation of lease expenses.


1 وزاد في احسا نــه اليكـ وعندكـ
2ســلامة وستر جميل والحمد لله رب العلمين و قد كنت طمعت
3 ـدر غد يوم فارقتكـ لالقي اليكـ بعض مــا احتــاج اليه واخدت
4ا واودعكـ اودع الله فيكـ بالعافية فتخلفت بالخفاء منكـ
5الا اعلمكـ باطلا لڡد تخلفت عن الوقت الذي اردت المضي فيه
6 الفتكـ فما زلت منتظرا حتى استوت الشمس وعلمت
7الـكالا كـ
1 شهد على اقرار مرقورة بن هرون الكاتب بجميع
2 ‮‬‬‬ما في هذا الكتاب في صحة عقله وبــدنه وجواز امره طائعا غير مكره ولا مجبرـعى خرج مــن المال
3 ابرهـيــم بن علي وابراهيم بن ابي القســـم وسائر المقاطــعيــن بكور الصــعــيد الاعلى من مصــر ان الخراج الكــتــاب
4 و الجزا من كورة اسوان لخراج سنة ثمان وســـتين المنسوبة على التاريخ الى سنة تسع وستين ومائتين
5 ڡه الجزية اسوان جـــزية وحـ...ا المال حتى لا اں يقوم مرفع جديد
6 كورة اســوان الخراج بــعد ولا قبل نقله على الوجوه كلها والاسباب كلها شهد على اقرار
7 مرقورة بن هارون الكاتب بجميع ما في هذا الكتاب في صحة عقله وبدنه وجواز امره طائعا غير مكره و لا مجبر بعد ان قرى ‬‬‬
8 عليه وعرفه حرفا حرفا واقر بفهمه في صفر سنة سبعين ومائتين


1and increase his bounty to you and yours
2safety and beautiful care, and thank God, the god of everything, I have been slaver over,
3.. .. the day after I separated myself from you, so that I could tell you some of what I need. I received
4.. and I entrust to you - I command your welfare God I have been left without your knowledge
5that] I tell him nothing wrong. I was late when I wanted to leave
6your friendship. So I kept waiting until the sun was at its zenith and I knew
7] .. .. [ ] .. .. [ ] .. .. [ ] ..
1[Certificate was given for the acknowledgment of Merqūre b. Hārūn, the writer, for all]
2[what is in this document, in the (state) of his (full)] mental and physical health and his ability to act, free will, not compelled and [not compelled] .... [The income]
3Ibrahīm b. 'Ālī and Ibrahīm b. Abī [l-Qāsi]m and the rest of the ruler in the districts of the southern Upper Egypt, that the tax] of the original ku] nde
4[and] the head tax from the district of Aswān for the tax of the year two hundred eight [six]ty, which chronologically refer to the year two hundred and sixty-nine
5[] .... the poll tax of Asw[ān, cap]itation and ...... the income, so that not ......................, that a new levy (the taxes) take place.
6[district A]s[wā]n, [the khar]āj....... and not before her transfer in any way and for any reason, it was witnessed for the acknowledgment
7of the Merqūre b. Hārūn the writer, concerning all that is in this document, in the (state) of his (full) mental and physical health and his ability to act, voluntary, not forced and not compelled after (it) had been read to him
8and he understood word for word and acknowledged having understood it, in the safari of the year two hundred and seventy.
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