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Modern Title Letter
Summary A man named Khai writes a letter to the mayor of Elephantine and after the salutation complains that the content of the vessels which the mayor had sent to him is bad in quality. The honey which was intended for the divine offering was mixed with ointment. Khai requests compensation and demands a new vessel of honey or, alternatively, incense until he will get honey. He mentions a person who will bring the products to him. In addition, Khai asks for dry sycamore wood.



1 Ḫꜥ.y n pr Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj ḥr nḏ ḫr.t n ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ Mnṯw-ḥr-ḫpš=f
2n ꜣbw m ꜥnḫ wḏꜣ snb m ḥsw.t Jmn-Rꜥ nswt-nṯr.w tw=j ḥr ḏd n Jmn-
3Rꜥ-Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj jw=f ḥr wbn ḥtp n Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj ḥnꜥ psḏ.t=f
4jmı͗ snb=k jmı͗ ꜥnḫ=k jmı͗ wnn=k m ḥsw.t Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj pꜣy=k nb
5r:ptr 1The scribe use of r for j: tw 2This word was written with the determinative of the seated man. ḥnꜥ ḏd wn=j nꜣ ꜥꜥ.wt n bj.t j:jnı͗=k n pꜣ nṯr

1 The scribe use of r for j:
2 This word was written with the determinative of the seated man.
6jw=j ḥr šdı͗ 10 n hjn.w n bj.t jm=st r pꜣ ḥtp-nṯr jw=j ḥr gmı͗
7jw=st mḥ.tj m gs db.wt r-ḏr.w=st jw=j ḥr ḫtm=st ꜥn jw=j ḥr
8ḏı͗.t jnı͗.tw=st n=k r rs.j jnn m ky r:ḏı͗ ssw 1= st n=k jmı͗ ptr=f sw

1 = st
9mtw=k ptr jnn jw=k r gmı͗ wꜥ(.t) nfr(.t) mtw=k ḥr ḏı͗.t jnı͗.tw=st n=j ḫr
10ḏı͗ Pꜣ-Rꜥ snb=k ḫr jnn mn jw=k ḥr ḏı͗.t jnı͗.tw pꜣ mnt n
11snṯr m-ḏr.t wꜥb Nṯr-ms.w j:jr.t=k gmı͗ bj.t mtw=k ḥr ḏı͗.t jnı͗.tw


vso.1n=j nꜣ ḫt n nh .t šwı͗ ḫr ḏı͗ Jmn snb=k ḫr ḏı͗ Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj
vso.2jrı͗.y=k ꜥḥꜥ.w qꜣı͗ nfr snb=k m-bꜣḥ Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj
vso.3 Ḫꜥ.y n pr Ḥr-ꜣḫ.tj n ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ Mnṯw-ḥr-ḫpš=f1Reading according to Posener-Kriéger, A Letter to the Governor (1978), 87.

1 Reading according to Posener-Kriéger, A Letter to the Governor (1978), 87.


1[///] Khai of the house of Horakhty greets [the mayor Mentjuherkhepeshef]
2of Elephantine: [In life, prosperity], (and) health] (and) in the favor of Amun-Re, King of the gods. Following: I [pray to]
3Amun-Ra-Hor[akhty], [when] he rises and sets, to Horakhty and his ennead
4to grant that you may be healthy, to grant that you may live a long life, (and to grant) that you may be in favor of Horakhty, your lord,
5who looks after you. Further the following: I opened the ꜣꜥꜥ.t-jars of honey which you have brought for the god.
6When I took out ten hins of honey thereof for the divine offering,
7I found it completely filled with bricks of ointment. I sealed it again (and) I
8send it 1Lit. „cause it to be brought”. (back) to you to the south. If it is another man who gave it to you, so let him see it.
9And look if you will find a good one, so send it to me. Then
10Ra will grant that you may be healthy. But if there is none, so send a jar of
11incense by the wꜥb-priest Netjer-mesu until you find honey, and send

1 Lit. „cause it to be brought”.
vso.1wood of dry sycamore to me. Then Amun will grant that you may be healthy and Horakhty will grant that
vso.2you may spend a long life. Your health may be good in the presence of Horakhty.
vso.3[///] Khai of the house of Horakhty to the mayor Mentjuher[khepeshef]

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