Pap. Berlin P. 23235   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title medical texts / ritual instructions / hymn
Summary The fragments are pieces of a medical text with exception of Frg. h and Frg. I, which probably contain the end of a ritual instruction and the beginning of a hymn. (According to: Burkard & Fischer-Elfert, VOHD 19,4 (1994), 226)


fragm. e (translation according to Burkard/Fischer-Elfert)
fragm. e, x+1[///] .?. ḥr=f m-ꜥ wḥꜥ.t(?) [///]
fragm. e, x+6[///] pn nn ꜥnḫ=f ṯꜣw .?. pn jw ṯꜣw(?) [///]
fragm. h (translation according to Burkard/Fischer-Elfert)
fragm. h, line 1[///] jrj=f srj.t m(?) [///]
fragm. h, line 2[///] snṯr ḥr ḫt jnḏ-ḥr=k Ḥrw [///]
fragm. h, line 5 [///] bnj rꜥ(?) [///]


fragm. e
fragm. e, x+1[///] .?. with he possessing the provisions(?) [///]
fragm. e, x+6[///] this [///] He does not live. This air .?., because air [///]
fragm. h
fragm. h, line 1[///] He is making coughing in(?) [///]
fragm. h, line 2[///] incense on the fire. Greetings to you, Horus! [///]
fragm. h, line 5 [///] sweet, the mouth(?) [///]