Pap. Berlin P. 23236   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title religious text (ritual or funerary)
Summary It is not possible to make a definite statement about the exact content of the text due to its fragmentary state. Different names of gods (“Horus, son of Osiris” and “son of Sakhmet”) are mentioned and the introduction “another spell for” (ky rꜣ n) is noted twice with red ink, so it is likely that the fragments are pieces of a religious text – a hymn, ritual or funerary text. (According to: Burkard & Fischer-Elfert, VOHD 19,4 (1994), 231)


fragm. e (transl. according to Burkard/Fischer-Elfert)
fragm. e, x+1[///] sꜣ Sḫm.t [///]
fragm. e, x+2[///]=k sꜣ-Rꜥ [///]


fragm. e
fragm. e, x+1[///] son of Sekhmet [///]
fragm. e, x+2[///] you [///] son of Ra [///]