Pap. Berlin P. 15784, a-b   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title An amulet for the protection of pregnancy
Summary an amulet for the protection of pregnancy invocation to heaven, earth, water and gods to protect the fetus in the belly a variant of Pap. Brooklyn 47.218.2, col. x+3.1‒4



1j p.t j tꜣ j dwꜣ.t j n.t j nṯr.w jptn mj.n n=j sḏm=tn ḏd.wt n hrw jnk
2Nw.t wr.t msı͗ nṯr.w m rn=s pwy n Nj.t swḏꜣ=n swḥ.t m ẖ.t n Tj-pꜣ-mdw
3msı͗.n Spd.t-j:jrı͗-=st-dj=s mj swḏꜣ.w Rꜥ m-ẖ.t n Jmn.t ꜥnḥ m nhw.t


1Oh Heaven! Oh Earth! Oh Duat! Oh Primeval waters! Oh (you) these gods! Come to me, may you hear what is said on (this) day. I am
2Nut, the Great One, who gave birth to the gods in this her name “Neith”. Protect the egg in the belly of Tapamedou,
3born of Sepedet-jres-dies, like Ra was protected in the belly of Amaunet, who lives in the sycamore.