Ostr. Paris, AIBL Clermont-Ganneau no. 215   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. Mémoires 35 no. 215
Modern Title Missive. Re Reeds
Summary A note to a female addressee with instructions on whom to divide reeds(?) from a (ritual) amulet(?). The Writer promises to give future instructions. The reeds are to be given in confidence, away from the "brothers" of those who are receiving them. The remaining reeds are to be sent to the writer.


1כענת הנ לא לקחו
2ת פ נ ילא חלפיה הבי
3[1] זי מנהמ למשלמ
4ו 1ל ב ו יתל הלכ טעמ
5 לגמריה בר
1ו 1 לאחנו ו 1
2למלכיה בר נורפרט
3הוי מנ אחיהמ
4עלדבר חפליא חלפיא וכזי
5ינתנונ המו לכי
6הבי המו במאנ 1
7והושרי המו לי


1Now, if (2) the amulet(?) (1) is not taken,
2(as for) its reeds, give
3[1] of them to Meshullam
4[and 1 ]to {B|W}y{n|p|k}tl. Instruc[tion] is coming.
5[th]en to Gemariah son of
1and 1 to Ahnu and
2to Malchiah son of Nuriparet(?)
3Be apart from their brothers! (i.e. Do not give out the reeds while their brothers are present!)
4On account of the (remaining) <<reeds>>, when
5they are given to you,
6put them into 1 vessel
7and send them to me.
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