Pap. Berlin P. 9010   (More information about the Object)
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Modern Title
Summary The deceased Weser had appointed a man named Sobek-hetepu to be the property administrator of his estate. This authorization was mentioned in a document whose authenticity was disputed by Weser’s son Tjau. The court obligated Sobek-hetepu to bring three witnesses to confirm this matter by oath or else his claims would expire.


ISbk-ḥtp.w pn jm.j-rꜣ-jꜥꜣ.w Wsr
IIḥm.t=f ẖrd.w=f jš.t=f nb m ẖnw=f r shr.t ẖrd.w
IIIn.w Wsr pn jm jrı͗ ꜥꜣ r ꜥꜣꜣ=f jrı͗ šrj r šrr=f ḏd.n Ṯꜣw pn jwt-sp
IVjrı͗ sw j tf=f m bw nb jr jnı͗ Sbk-ḥtp.w pn jr.w 3 jqr.w n.w nḫt ḥr=sn
IVjrı͗.t=sn bꜣ.w=k r=f nṯr mj jrı͗.n=t w js sẖꜣ.w pn ḥft ḏd.w Wsr pn jm
VIwnn m ẖnw Sbk-ḥtp.w pn jnı͗.n=f jr.w 3 pn n.w ḏd mdw.t tn r-gs=sn
VII j sk Sbk-ḥtp.w pn m wnm n sbn=f jr nfr-n jnn=f jr.w 3 ḏd.w mdw.t tn
VIIIr-gs=sn n mn j ḫ.t nb .t jm=f n.t Wsr pn j:mn m sꜣ=f šps-nswt jm.j-rꜣ-jꜥꜣ.w Ṯꜣw


IThis [Sobek]-hetepu [///] overseer of foreign mercenaries Weser [///]
IIhis wife, his children and all [his] property in his home to satisfy the children
IIIof this Weser there by threating the great one [according to] (the fact) that he is great (and) by threating the little one [according to] (the fact) that he is little. This Tjau said that
IVhis father had nowhere made it. If this Sobek-hetepu can bring three reliable eye witnesses who may be trusted
V(and if) they make (the oath): "May your Ba-power be against him - oh god!" to the effect that this document was indeed made in accordance with the words of th[is] Weser-[there].
VI(It) shall be in his – (namely) Sobek-hetepu’s – home after he has brought these three eye witnesses in whose presence this speech was to be said.
VIIThis Sobek-hetepu eats without damaging. If he does not bring the three eye witnesses in whose presence this utterance was made,
VIIIno one thing of this User shall remain with him; <it> shall remain with his son, noble of the king and overseer of foreign mercenaries, Tjau.

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