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Pap. Berlin P. 13464

TEI-XML-File: https://p612399.webspaceconfig.de/xml/elephantine_erc_db_100463.tei.xml



Collection Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, SPK (P)
Inventory Number Pap. Berlin P. 13464
Publication Number TAD A.4.1, Cowley 21
Publication Permission Status no permission for publication necessary
Publication Status published

Origin / Provenance

Ancient Provenance Site Elephantine (Ꜣbw; Yb; YbꜢ; YbꜤ; Ἐλεφαντίνη, יב , ⲉⲓⲏⲃ) [Trismegistos]
Ancient Provenance District Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Discovery archaeological excavation
Finder (= First Purchaser) Rubensohn, Otto (excavation director)
District of Find / Purchase in Egypt Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Acquisition for the Intitution excavation finds
Date of Acquisition for the Intitution between 1906 and 1907


Object Type papyrus
Size (Height | Width | Thickness) 105 mm | 215 mm | mm
Range of Preservation incomplete
State of Preservation In the upper third is approximately 3/4 of the width preserved; of the lower two thirds only approximately 1/3 is preserved, incomplete on both sides.

Text Basic Information

Localization of Text on Object recto/verso
Range of Preservation (Text) incomplete
Script, Primary Aramaic, Imperial
Language, Primary Aramaic, Imperial
Comments on Text Layout 6 lines perpendicular to the fibers on teh recto, parallel to the joins; 3 lines and address line on verso parallel to fibers. Folde from bottom to top.
  recto verso
Quantity of Lines 6 4
Height of Line / Letter


Text Content

Modern Title Letter of Hananyah to Yedanyah. Re Calendrical Issues.
Ancient Author of Text Hananiah
Text Types
  • documentary
  • documentary | letter
  • documentary | letter | horizontal format
Summary of Content The so-called "Passover Letter." Recent scholarship disputes whether it refers to the passover. The letter is from Hananyah to Yedanyah and his colleagues (i.e. possibly the priests of the temple of Yaho). The content refers to calendrical issues in response to an imperial mandate to alter the administrative calendar.
Location of Composition unknown unknown Unknown (Certainty: )
Comments on Text from the so-called Jedaniah Archive
Gender Man
Religion Judaism



Transcription Translation Pictures
1אל אחי ידניה וכנותה חילא יהודיא אחוכמ חנניה שלמ אחי אלהיא ישאלו
2בכל עדנ וכעת שנתא זא שנת 3 + 2 דריוהוש מלכא מנ מלכא שליח על ארשמ
3יא כעת אנתמ כנ מנו ארבעת עשר
4יומנ לניסנ וב 10 + 3 + 1 בינ שמשיא פסחא עבדו ומנ יומ 10 + 3 + 2 עד יומ 20 + 1 לניסנ חגא
5זי פטיריא עבדו שבעת יומנ פטירנ אכלו כעת דכינ הוו ואזדהרו עבידה אל תעבדו
6ביומ 10 + 3 + 2 וביומ 20 + 1 לניסנ כל שכר אל תשתו וכל מנדעמ זי חמיר אלתאכלו
vso1ואל יתחזי בבתיכמ מנ יומ 10 + 3 + 1 לניסנ במערב שמשא עד יומ 20 + 1 לניסנ במערב
vso2שמשא וכל חמיר זי איתי לכמ בבתיכמ ה נעלו בתוניכמ וחתמו בינ יומיא אלה
vso4אלאחי ידניה וכנותה חילא יהודיא אחוכמ חנניה בר
1[To my brothers Je]daniah and his colleagues in the Jewish ga[rrison,] your brother Hanan[i]ah. May God/the gods [seek after] the welfare of my brothers
2[at all times.] And now, this year, year 5 of King Darius, it has been sent from the king to Arsa[mes...].
3[...]... Now, you thus count four[teen]
4[days in Nisan and on the 14th at twilight ob]serve [the Passover] and from the 15th day until the 21st day of [Nisan the Festival]
5[of Unleavened Bread observe. Seven days eat unleavened bread. Now,] be pure and take heed. [Do] n[ot do] work
6[on the 15th day and on the 21st day of Nisan.] Do not drink [any fermented drink. And do] not [eat] anything of leaven
vso1[nor let it be seen in your houses from the 14th day of Nisan at] sunset until the 21st day of Nisa[n at sun]
vso2[set. And b]ring into your chambers [any leaven which you have in your houses] and seal (them) up during [these] days.
vso4[To] my brothers Jedaniah and his colleagues the Jewish garrison, your brother Hananiah s[on of PN].

Places (read out from edition)


People mentioned in Text

ID gender en normiert original Language Functions in Texts
2855 man Arsames (100463, 308138, 308314) ארשמ Aramaic, Imperial



RulerID Regnal Year MonthID Day Date of the Text Gregorian Date dating_comment
-419 BCE -418 BCE ;







DatasetID 100463
last Change 29.07.2022
Author Lisa Cleath; Verena Lepper
Dataset License Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Data set citation Data set 100463 (= Pap. Berlin P. 13464), ERC-Project ELEPHANTINE: Lisa Cleath; Verena Lepper.