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Pap. Berlin P. 23668

TEI-XML-File: https://p612399.webspaceconfig.de/xml/elephantine_erc_db_100761.tei.xml



Collection Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, SPK (P)
Inventory Number Pap. Berlin P. 23668
Current Location magazine
Comments on Inventory joining: Pap. Berlin P. 15622 + Pap. Berlin P. 23668
Publication Permission Status (unknown)
Publication Status published

Origin / Provenance

Ancient Provenance Site Elephantine (Ꜣbw; Yb; YbꜢ; YbꜤ; Ἐλεφαντίνη, יב , ⲉⲓⲏⲃ) [Trismegistos]
Certainty: high
Ancient Provenance District Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Discovery archaeological excavation
Certainty: high
Finder (= First Purchaser) Rubensohn, Otto / Zucker, Friedrich (excavation directors)
Certainty: high
Location of Find / Purchase in Egypt Elephantine
District of Find / Purchase in Egypt Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Acquisition for the Intitution partage
Date of Acquisition for the Intitution between 1906 and 1908
Transferor (Seller, Previous Owner) (not relevant)
Certainty: high


Object Type papyrus
Color papyrus, light
Size (Height | Width | Thickness) 35 mm | 90 mm | mm
Range of Preservation incomplete
State of Preservation The right three-fourth of the upper part are broken off in the height of two foldings, The remaining left part is Pap. Berlin P. 23688. Several breaks along the horizontal foldings.
Mounting together in 1 glass frame
Restoration Activities Restaurierung abgeschlossen

Text Basic Information

Localization of Text on Object recto/verso
Script-Fiber-Relation (for Payri) parallel (recto) and perpendicular (verso)
Inks and Pigments carbon ink monochrome black
Range of Preservation (Text) incomplete
State of Preservation (Text) The first three-fourth of the first lines lost on P. 15622, rest of these lines is P. 23668.
Script, Primary Middle Demotic
Language, Primary Ptolemaic Demotic
Comments on Handwriting Geübte und relativ deutliche mitteldemotische Geschäftsschrift." (According to K.-T. Zauzich, in: VOHD XIX,2)
Comments on Text Layout Wide line pitch. The text covers nearly the entire sheet, with small lateral and lower margins, and a broader upper margin at a height of about 1 line.
  recto verso
Quantity of Lines 7 1
Quantity of Columns 1 1
Line Lenght (in mm) 335 45
Column Height (in mm) 65 10
Height of Line / Letter
Line Distance 335 x 65 45 x 10


Text Content

Modern Title letter requesting the sending of craftsmen to Philae
Ancient Archives Chnoum temple archives | administrative archive
Ancient Scribe(s) of Text
Text Types
  • documentary | letter | horizontal format
Summary of Content Letter of Pachnumis, son of Horos (lesonis of Isis of Philae), with an request on sending craftsmen to Philae and posisbly a palm sapling.
Location of Composition Philae Upper Egypt, 1st nome Egypt (Certainty: medium)
Multilingualism Script = Language Monolingual
Gender Man
Religion Polytheism (Egyptian)



Transcription Translation Pictures
1 ı͗w=w r šm ı͗.ı͗r ꜣs.t n ḥsb.t 7 ı͗bd 1 pr.t sw
2 dy r ḏı͗.t ı͗w=f r-ꜥ.wy=f my
3ḥn=w s ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr pꜣ mr-šn (r-)dbꜣ Ḏḥwtı͗-mꜣꜥ sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Bꜣst.t pꜣ ḥm-ḥtt ı͗rm pꜣ ky ḥm nty ı͗rm=f r ḏı͗.t ı͗w=w r-ḥry mtw=w ı͗r tꜣ wp(.t) nty-ı͗w=w wḫꜣ=s n hrw 5 mtw=w ḥn=s (r-)dbꜣ Pa-I͗mn
4pꜣ (r.)qd r ḏı͗.t ı͗w=f r-ḥry r ḏı͗.t wꜥb pꜣ šnꜥ ḏd n=y Ḥr-sꜣ-ꜣs.t sꜣ Pa-ḥe pꜣy ı͗rı͗-ꜥꜣ ṯꜣy=y wꜥ ṯk? ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr pꜣ mr-šn ꜥnḫ ꜣs.t bw-ı͗r-rḫ=y s (r-)dbꜣ.ṱ=f bn-pw=w ḏd n=y md(.t) mtw=s
5m-sꜣ ḫrw pꜣy ı͗ry-ꜥꜣ wn-nꜣ.w ḏd=y s n Pa-Ḥr sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-ꜥnqy pꜣ ꜥ(ꜣ) n 1000 (r-)dbꜣ ḏı͗.t ı͗w=f ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=k (r-)dbꜣ rdm(.t) ẖr-b 1 ı͗w=w wḫꜣ=(s) ḏı͗ mtw=w ḏı͗.t n=f tꜣy=f šb(.t) ı͗.ı͗r rdm(.t) pḥ
6ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w=w r ḏı͗.t n=f pꜣ ẖr-b rdm(.t) r.ı͗w=y ḏı͗.t ı͗w=f ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr pꜣ mr-šn n pꜣ-hrw ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w wn md(.t) ı͗w=w wḫꜣ=s dy my ḥn=w s mtw=w hb n=y n.ı͗m=s sẖ Pa-H̱nm sꜣ Ḥr
vso 1n ḥsb.t 7 ı͗bd 1 pr.t sw 8
1[///] They will go to Isis in the 7th regnal year, [///]of Tybi.
2[///] here, to cause him his expense. May
3it be ordered by the lesonis concerning Thotomous, son of Petobastis, the sail maker 1Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54 for the reating variant „mast(?) maker“., and concerning the other craftsman being with him to cause them to come up. Moreover, the required work shall be made within 5 days. And it should be ordered concerning Pamounis,
4the master builder, to cause him to come up for cleaning the magazine. Thus has Harsiesis, son of Paes, this pastophor, spoken to me: ‘I have brought a letter to the lesonis.’ By Isis! I do not know anything about him. Nothing was said to me concerning this
5except for the statement of this pastophor. I have spoken to Payris, son of Petanoukis, the “great-of-the thousands” 2The tempus according to Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54., to cause him to come to you because of a palm tiller(?) required here. His replacement should be given to him, as soon as (the) palm tree arrives.
6When the palm tiller(?) will be given to him, I will send him 3i. e. Payris. to the lesonis on the very same time. If it happens that here is something which one will desire: One may order to send to me concerning it! Written by Pachnoumis, son of Horos,
vso 1in the 7th regnal year, 8th of Tybi.

1 Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54 for the reating variant „mast(?) maker“.
2 The tempus according to Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54.
3 i. e. Payris.
Places (read out from edition)


People mentioned in Text

ID gender en normiert original Language Functions in Texts
1055 man Harsiesis, son of Paes Ḥr-sꜢ-Ꜣs.t sꜢ Pa-ḥe pre-Coptic Egyptian



RulerID Regnal Year MonthID Day Date of the Text Gregorian Date dating_comment
Ptolemaic Dynasty (early) 07 Tybi 08 -332 BCE -222 BCE ;







DatasetID 100761
last Change 29.07.2022
Trismegistos 46458
Author Jan Moje
Dataset License Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Data set citation Data set 100761 (= Pap. Berlin P. 23668), ERC-Project ELEPHANTINE: Jan Moje.