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Ostr. Heidelberg, Institut für Papyrologie Inv. 519

TEI-XML-File: https://p612399.webspaceconfig.de/xml/elephantine_erc_db_309557.tei.xml



Inventory Number Ostr. Heidelberg, Institut für Papyrologie Inv. 519
Publication Number O.Heid. 428
Current Location Heidelberg, Institute for Papyrology
Publication Status published

Origin / Provenance

Ancient Provenance Site Elephantine (Ꜣbw; Yb; YbꜢ; YbꜤ; Ἐλεφαντίνη, יב , ⲉⲓⲏⲃ) [Trismegistos]
Certainty: low
Ancient Provenance District Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Finder (= First Purchaser) Deutsches Papyruskartell
District of Find / Purchase in Egypt Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]


Object Type ostracon
Range of Preservation complete
State of Preservation broken in 4 fragments and joined

Text Basic Information

Localization of Text on Object convex (outside)
Range of Preservation (Text) complete
Script, Primary Greek
Language, Primary Greek, Ancient
Comments on Handwriting documentary, hand unknown
  recto verso
Quantity of Lines 12
Quantity of Columns 1


Text Content

Modern Title Letter
Ancient Scribe(s) of Text
Text Types
  • documentary
  • documentary | letter
Summary of Content Private letter of Bienchis to his mother Tapas
Location of Composition Elephantine Upper Egypt, 1st nome Egypt (Certainty: )
Comments on Text ok epistates?
Multilingualism Monolingual Script = Language
Gender Man Woman
Comment on Gender women addressee in letter, mother of sender
Religion Polytheism (Egyptian)
Comment on Religion proskynema



Transcription Translation Pictures
1Βιῆνχις Ταπᾶτι τῇ μη-
2τρὶ πολλὰ χαιρι 1 l. χαίρειν καὶ τους 2l. τοῖς ἀ-
3δελφος 3 l. ἀ|δελφοῖς καὶ Σεραπίωνος
4τοῦ ἐπιστάτου μου τὸ προσκύνη-
5μα καὶ τους 4 l. τῶν παρ’ αὐτους 5 l. αὐτῷ ? <ποιῶ>. μεμα-
6χισμε 6 l. μεμά|χεσμαι μετὰ Ψεντινβαβα καὶ ἀ-
7πῆλθα. οὐδὲν ἔχι 7l. ἔχει με ὧδε ἔσω.
8τὸ προσκύνημα ἡ̣μῶν 8 l. ὑμῶν πυῶ 9 l. ποιῶ
9παρὰ τοῖς ἐνθάδε θεοῖς.
10ἐρῶσσθε 10 l. ἐρρῶσθαι οἱμᾶς 11 l. ὑμᾶς εὔχομε 12l. εὔχομαι.
11ἧκα ὧδε διὰ̣ Παυλῖνον χορ-
12ζὶν 13 l. χορ|δὴν ἐνεκκε 14 l. ἔνεγκε τοῖς πεδίοις 15 l. παιδίοις.

1 l. χαίρειν
2 l. τοῖς
3 l. ἀ|δελφοῖς
4 l. τῶν
5 l. αὐτῷ ?
6 l. μεμά|χεσμαι
7 l. ἔχει
8 l. ὑμῶν
9 l. ποιῶ
10 l. ἐρρῶσθαι
11 l. ὑμᾶς
12 l. εὔχομαι
13 l. χορ|δὴν
14 l. ἔνεγκε
15 l. παιδίοις
1Bienchis to his mother Tapas
2many greetings and to his
3brothers. And I pray for Sarapion,
4my epistates(?)
5and his people.
6I have quarreled with Psentinbaba and
7went away. Nothing ails me here.
8I pray for you
9by the gods of this place.
10I wish you farewell.
11I came here because of Paulinus.
12Bring for the children/slaves a chord(?)
Reserved Copyright
Places (read out from edition)


People mentioned in Text

ID gender en normiert original Language Functions in Texts
33335 man Bienchis (O.Heid 428) Βιῆνχις pre-Coptic Egyptian / Greek



RulerID Regnal Year MonthID Day Date of the Text Gregorian Date dating_comment
75 CE 150 CE palaeographical dating, cf. Papyri.info;



Reserved Copyright




DatasetID 309557
last Change 29.07.2022
Trismegistos 80117
Papyri.info ddbdp/o.heid;;428
Author Ruth Duttenhöfer
Dataset License Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Data set citation Data set 309557 (= Ostr. Heidelberg, Institut für Papyrologie Inv. 519), ERC-Project ELEPHANTINE: Ruth Duttenhöfer.