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Pap. Strasbourg, Institut d'Égyptologie Bb

TEI-XML-File: https://p612399.webspaceconfig.de/xml/elephantine_erc_db_311058.tei.xml



Inventory Number Pap. Strasbourg, Institut d'Égyptologie Bb
Current Location Strasbourg, Universitiy Library
Publication Status unpublished

Origin / Provenance

Ancient Provenance Site Elephantine (Ꜣbw; Yb; YbꜢ; YbꜤ; Ἐλεφαντίνη, יב , ⲉⲓⲏⲃ) [Trismegistos]
Ancient Provenance District Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Discovery purchase
Finder (= First Purchaser) (unknown)
Location of Find / Purchase in Egypt Luxor
District of Find / Purchase in Egypt Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Buyer (Currently Housing Institution) Grossherzog Friedrich August (II.) von Oldenburg


Object Type papyrus
Range of Preservation incomplete
State of Preservation One small fragment whose margins are damaged.

Text Basic Information

Localization of Text on Object recto
Inks and Pigments carbon ink monochrome black
Range of Preservation (Text) incomplete
State of Preservation (Text) Only short portions of three columns are preserved. The beginning of all columns and the end of x+1 and x+2 are lost. The large uninscribed space below x+3 shows that this is the end of the letter. In the center of x+1 is a damaged section with text loss.
Script, Primary Old Hieratic
Language, Primary Old Egyptian
Comments on Text Layout The text is composed in vertical lines (columns).
  recto verso
Quantity of Columns x+3


Text Content

Modern Title Letter
Ancient Archives private archive | family archive of nomarchs
Text Types
  • documentary | letter
Summary of Content The content of this letter is incomprehensible due to its fragmentary state. A man is mentioned who has given something.
Location of Composition unknown unknown Egypt (Certainty: high)
Multilingualism Monolingual Script = Language
Gender Man
Religion Polytheism (Egyptian)



Transcription Translation Pictures
x+I sẖꜣ.w
x+II gs r wḫꜣ nh.w n
x+III ḏḏ ꜥnḥ.j pn
x+I[///] scribe [///]
x+II[///] the side to get some [///]
x+III[///] what this Anchi has given.
Places (read out from edition)


People mentioned in Text

ID gender en normiert original Language Functions in Texts
10975 man Anchi ꜥnḫ.j Egyptian



RulerID Regnal Year MonthID Day Date of the Text Gregorian Date dating_comment
06th dynasty -2347 BCE -2170 BCE paleography; the mention of Old Kingdom royal names (Merenre, Pepi II.) on other fragments from this archive; Sneferu (4th dynasty) and Sekhemkare (8th dynasty) are also mentioned;




DatasetID 311058
last Change 29.07.2022
Author Martina Grünhagen; Verena Lepper; Daniela C. Härtel
Dataset License Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Data set citation Data set 311058 (= Pap. Strasbourg, Institut d'Égyptologie Bb), ERC-Project ELEPHANTINE: Martina Grünhagen; Verena Lepper; Daniela C. Härtel.