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Pap. Tokyo, Suzuki Collection of Tokai University d 17

TEI-XML-File: https://p612399.webspaceconfig.de/xml/elephantine_erc_db_311258.tei.xml



Inventory Number Pap. Tokyo, Suzuki Collection of Tokai University d 17
Current Location magazine
Publication Permission Status permission for publication upon enquiry only
Publication Status published

Origin / Provenance

Ancient Provenance Site Elephantine (Ꜣbw; Yb; YbꜢ; YbꜤ; Ἐλεφαντίνη, יב , ⲉⲓⲏⲃ) [Trismegistos]
Certainty: high
Ancient Provenance District Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]
Type of Discovery (unknown)
Certainty: high
District of Find / Purchase in Egypt Upper Egypt, 1st nome (Ombites) [Trismegistos]


Object Type papyrus
Range of Preservation incomplete
State of Preservation Lower part broken off in undetermined extent.

Text Basic Information

Localization of Text on Object recto/verso
Inks and Pigments carbon ink monochrome black
Range of Preservation (Text) incomplete
State of Preservation (Text) incomplete.
Script, Primary Middle Demotic
Language, Primary Ptolemaic Demotic
Comments on Text Layout Wide line pitch. Broad lateral and upper margins.
  recto verso
Quantity of Lines 14+y x+1
Quantity of Columns 1 1
Height of Line / Letter


Text Content

Modern Title mythological narrative
Ancient Archives Chnoum temple archives | cultic archive
Ancient Scribe(s) of Text
Text Types
  • religious | polytheistic Egyptian
Summary of Content Mythological narrative with Isis, Horus, Onuris, Chnoum, Onouris and probably Seth.
Location of Composition Elephantine Upper Egypt, 1st nome Egypt (Certainty: medium)
Multilingualism Monolingual Script = Language
Religion Polytheism (Egyptian)



Transcription Translation Pictures
1 ḏqꜥ=y n tꜣ Tfny ı͗nk ẖry ı͗w=s pt. r Ḥr grp r ı͗ḥ.t km.t
2ı͗.ı͗r=ṯ ḏqꜥ mtw=ṯ mḫy ı͗w=y ḏı͗.t wy=f n pꜣ l ḥwrꜥ ı͗w tꜣ nb r H̱nm(?) nꜣy=f
3 ẖn pꜣ nt sṱr r lšmy pꜣ nt-ı͗w=ṯ(?) r ḏı͗.t(?)=f r ḏr.ṱ ı͗w tꜣy=y ꜥ.t nb r qs.w tꜣy=y
4 štꜣ.t r ı͗w=ṯ (r) ı͗r=f r tꜣ ẖ.ṱ nt ꜣtp pꜣ nt nꜣy=f qs.w ẖn ı͗w sṱr ı͗w ršmy ns
5ꜥnb=y ꜥnb=y ꜥny ꜣs.t n tꜣy=s(?) šnṱ ꜥnb=ṯ n ꜣs.t
6 ı͗w=f (n) pꜣ wı͗ꜣ nt n pꜣ rsy n N.t pꜣ mḥ ı͗ꜣbt.t ꜥnb nb=ṯ pꜣ ḫn.ty nṯr.w wꜥ
7=y wꜥ n-ı͗m=w Ḥꜥpy ḫns ḥ lšm sr.w nt n ẖ.ṱ=y(?)
8ı͗.ı͗r=y ꜥr=f n pꜣ ꜥq 3 ẖr nꜣ qr ꜥn Sṱ(?) r(?)
9=y ı͗w=y(?) ı͗w ḏı͗.t šp=f ꜥr=f r-ḥr=y r m
10m-ı͗r šm ḫry ı͗ꜣb.t I͗n-ḥr ı͗w nw r-r=f
11 ḥ ı͗w nꜣ qr nꜣ pꜣ fy šn ꜣs.t Ḥr ı͗w=f
12 Tfny pꜣ tꜣ tꜣ p.t r tꜣ nfr.t
13=y nt-ı͗w n tꜣ p.t ḏ=f
14 ḥꜣ.t r nꜣ fy.w hꜣy
2 š
ḥ+1 Wsı͗r
x+3 n pꜣ ꜥq
x+4 pꜣ nt
x+1 t
x+1tꜣ ı͗r.t ı͗.ı͗r

1 I sting with the Tefnut scorpion I am a widow, running to Horus revealed as a black cow
2you sting and you beat I cause that he be far in the violence from every land, while Chnoum(?) his
3 voyage(?). The one who spend the night on the one whowill give(?) into the hand of(?) while every limb of mine, whyle (my?) bones my
4 shrine(?), while you will do it at(to the body which is weighed down(?) the one whose bones are journey so as to spend the night journey(?).
5I have closed the mouth! I have closed the mouth! Isis has closed the mouth with her(?) You have closed the mouth of Isis
6 he being in the bark which is in the south, Thebes, the north, Abydos. Clos[e the mouth!] You close the mouth. O foremost of the gods a
7I one of them. Hapi to journey before/on the magistastes who are in my following(?)
8I cause him to ascend to the aq-ship 3 under the the wooden of Seth to(?)
9I cause taht he take that he might ascend upon me on board(?)
10Do not go enemies, Abydos Onuris will look for him
11 of the canal. Isis searched for Horus while he was
12 Tefnut scorpion the earth and the heaven, while the beautiful one
13 me/my which is in heaven. He said
14 before to(?) the canals. Has fallen
2 lake(?)
ḥ+1 Osiris
x+3 in the aq-ship
x+4 that which
x+1 t
ḥ+2 to be destroyed
x+1The eye ..?.. [///]
Places (read out from edition)
  • N.t (places.xml#s2)
  • ı͗ꜣbt (places.xml#s45)

    People mentioned in Text

    ID gender en normiert original Language Functions in Texts
    8060 not applicable (No persons mentioned in the [preserved] text) (No persons mentỈoned Ỉn the [preserved] text) (none)



    RulerID Regnal Year MonthID Day Date of the Text Gregorian Date dating_comment
    Ptolemaic dynasty -332 BCE -30 BCE Dating by palaeography.;




    DatasetID 311258
    last Change 29.07.2022
    Author Jan Moje; Emil Joubert (bibliography)
    Dataset License Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    (CC BY-NC-SA)
    Data set citation Data set 311258 (= Pap. Tokyo, Suzuki Collection of Tokai University d 17), ERC-Project ELEPHANTINE: Jan Moje; Emil Joubert (bibliography).