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Original Name
English Translation Osiris
Original Language of the Name pre-Coptic Egyptian
Gender man
Type god


The Name is mentioned in these Texts

Pap. Berlin P. B/H x 1055 (ined.)
Modern Title Fragment of a religious/ritual, medical or funerary text
Type papyrus
Languages Egyptian | Middle Egyptian
Scripts Egyptian | Hieratic
Genre religious, religious, religious | polytheistic Egyptian, religious | polytheistic Egyptian, religious-literary | polytheistic Egyptian, religious-literary | polytheistic Egyptian
Pap. Berlin P. 23026 ()
Modern Title Invocation to Osiris as nocturnal manifestation of the sun-god in the context of a ritual for the king.
Type papyrus
Languages Egyptian | Late Egyptian
Scripts Egyptian | Hieratic | Late Hieratic | "Späthieratische Buchschrift"
Genre religious | polytheistic Egyptian | ritual, religious-literary | polytheistic Egyptian | hymn


The Person is Author of these Texts